Cheep's New Phone

I talked in my previous post about how Cheep lost her old pink Samsung Corby II phone. I was saddened about it for the phone was originally mine which I only handed down to her as her early Christmas slash birthday gift last year.

Gladly after three months, we were able to save money to buy her a new one. She chose another Samsung mobile phone but this time it is a Samsung Galaxy Y S5360. Pink lover as she is, she managed to find a pink one. I hope she won't lose this phone or I won't be getting her another one.


  1. PAGKA fink sa fon, og pagka buotan sa ate hehe..

  2. awww! so pretty and loved it Sis Chie :-) Dropping by from PF

  3. mao pud na gipalit sa akong manghud nga lalaki para sa akong manghud nga babaye. nice phone :) visiting from 366 bpc.

  4. I think she'll be more careful this time or else another pink loss, he!he! visiting from PF.

  5. Lucky sister to have you as a sister, visiting for PF, I hope you can visit me back at

    see you!!!!


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