Tetris and Hawaiian Overload Pizza

I thought I am the only one who is crazy about Tetris game in Facebook among my sisters but Cheep too. She came over last Sunday night after her class. I thought she only wanted to have dinner with us but she stayed for the night for she was hooked in playing Tetris. And would you believe she played all night since 8 or 9 until 5 in the morning. She was so into the game.

Yesterday, Monday, Cheem and I went out to stroll around the malls in the city. We ended up in Greenwich and had some slices of Hawaiian  Overload pizza. We brought a "barkada" size too in my apartment  for father and Cheep...and for Pabz too who is our constant visitor who serves as our runner. 
Here's a close shot of the  Hawaiian Overload for you to look at and crave. We had the thin crust to have a full taste the overload. 

Smiling Sally


  1. Thanks for sharing your blue shirt.

    Happy Blue Monday, Chie.

  2. played Tetris way back 1994, loved it. but i love pizza more, lol!

    a visit from kim!

  3. pizza looks very delish :-) Visiting from MYM, hope that you can return a yellow visit too.



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