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My computer desk is about to give up. I understand for it has been nearly fours years since I had this computer desk. It had became rusty and some parts are already falling apart. The sliding tray for the keyboard no longer slides swiftly due to rusts and it starting to annoy me. I must find a new computer desk before it totally breaks down. I am eyeing for styles like these in the pictures below.

Corner Computer Desk and Hideaway Computer Desk

I will be glad to have either of these two stylish computer desks. Either of these two will be very useful to me. I am planning to rearrange the placements of furniture in the living room of my apartment and there's one corner that I thought would be a perfect spot for my computer. For that, I need a corner computer desk. On the other hand, the hideaway computer desk looks great for it has rooms for my collection of computer game sets, organizers, books and other computer stuffs. I've been to some furniture stores here in the city already but all that I've found are the common styles. I will look at the mall next week and see if the furniture department there has these styles. 


  1. i would love to have too sis..if ever you will buy..make it two one for me and you..haha was here

  2. nice computer desk! hope i could get one for myself, hehe!

    a visit from kim!

  3. I always love taking a look at where and how other people work. Here are a few links for further inspiration and some brilliant workspace setups.

    white office desks


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