Our Little Future Chef

Here's Cheep finishing the icing on the cake she baked during her baking class. She brought me some slices of that cake after their class. She's beginning to be good at baking and she's still hoping to be better at it. Just before the semester started, she talked about how excited she was to learn baking. She didn't miss a single baking class so far as she's enjoying it. Whether she'll be a chef or simply a hotel and restaurant crew, she'll be happy with it but she hopes to own and manage her own hotel and restaurant situated by the beach in the future. Dreaming big eh? Why not!?


  1. if u dream.. make it big d ba.. =)

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  2. There's nothing wrong with dreaming big jud gwaps! Let her work for such dream, aron makabisita mi puhon sa iyang managed restaurant someday! :D

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  3. Wow, galing naman:)

    Visiting for WW! Hope you can stop by:)


  4. awww! nice job Ms. Chef :-) Visiting from Wednesday Whites, hope that you can return the visit too.


  5. wow! good job! I have always wanted to enroll in a baking class.
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