Cheep's Boarding Room

I previously talked about Cheep moving out of my apartment before because of our fight. Our fight wasn't just a reason of her moving out though, but it pushed through her plan on moving to a boarding house that's closer to her school earlier than planned. So here's her boarding room.

I visited there once to check how she was and to check if the place is comfortable and safe for her to live alone. She got a nice blue-painted room, which she's trying to turn girly through pink curtain and bedding. It is spacey enough for an average size of bed, a little dining table and for her other things. What I like is that it has its own bathroom. Letting her live alone in a boarding house is teaching her to be independent for she started thinking on how to budget her money for her meals and other stuffs. It is a challenge for her and so far she's doing great.


  1. Looks comfy..From PF!

  2. With that wall paint, you really have to put more pink to make it look like a girl's room. Visiting from PF :)

  3. pretty nice room! good thing ur still friends after the fight

    happy pink! here is my share

  4. I've never boarded a house or a room when I was studying! I am sure it felt awesome to be that independent and carefree no? Lol. Cheep has a lovely room, very girly! :)

    Visiting for PF here gwaps!

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    For Him and Her
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  5. love her room, so girly :-) Visiting from Pink Fridays, hope that you can return the visit too.

  6. hi sis, visiting for Pink Fridays, i hope you can also return the visit at

    see you around!!!!


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