Cheem on Computer Games

Here's Cheem while she had fever. She's very well now, thank God. Playing her new favorite computer games Plants vs Zombies and Angry Birds Rio while she was sick had kept her occupied and entertained.

She had so much fun while playing Angry Birds. She kept laughing at the thought that she had to get rid of the naughty monkeys on the other side using a slingshot with the angry birds served as stones. 
Tired with playing Angry Birds, she thought of facing the Zombies. There she was creating a new account. It was her first time playing the game as she didn't give a tad of care about Plants vs Zombies that much being a big time Angry Birds fan. She realized while playing the game formerly mentioned that it is fun to play, even better than Angry Birds games. 

Then Cheep came to the picture helping her big sister fight the zombies. Who wants her sick elder sister's brain's eaten by zombies? It was fun looking at the two while totally engrossed by the game...and taking pictures of them too


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