When Sisters Learn How To Drive a Bike

Both my sisters have learned how to drive a bike or a motorcycle on their own without my knowledge, even our parents'. Well, as if our parents care. I don't know whoever taught them how to drive. I thought I've known enough for it's the three of us that were always been together. That's why I was surprised when  both of them showed and proved me they can drive the second-hand bike I got about a month ago. I started worrying about them sneaking on the bike's key and drive around the city. I know how hardheaded can they get and the thought of them getting into accident (God forbid) freaks me out. I am just glad they are cautious driving around the busy main street of the city. They would borrow the bike to drive only around the village, which is good. Probably, the news about people they personally know who recently were involved into various accidents helped them be aware that accidents can happen anytime and anywhere regardless how good of a driver you are. It would be lucky if any accidents would only cause light injuries to easily claim compensations but when it comes to life being taken, how much you can claim wouldn't be enough to bring it back.


  1. hahaha! i was luckier then.. i learned to ride the bike with my cousin and i was filled with bruises, lol!

    Happy New Year!

    visit from kim!


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