The New Sister

I now have a new younger sis. Karen, 23, is Cheem's friend. Talking about how they've became friends is a long story so let's just skip it. Karen is fun to be with so I gladly took her in and treated her as one of my sisters. Besides, I pity her for being far from her family during the holiday season. I've experienced how lonely it is to celebrate the holiday so we told her to just spend the holidays with us. She stayed in my apartment during those times. 
To mark the day when we accepted Karen as one of our sisters, Cheem and Cheep thought of celebrating it. They bought a cake with our names on it. Lovely!
Here we are! To make the day more memorable...well it really was my sisters silly thought...we put four candles on the cake and blew it. Father was the one who took this shot. He was cool at the idea of welcoming a new daughter. He!he! It was fun.

My two real sisters now got silly. They were playing with the icing of the cake by wiping it on each other's face.

Tada! Now here are my three sisters. Welcome to the sisterhood Karen. I warn you not to be a pain in my butt though or I'll spank you like how I do to my sisters. Kidding!

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  1. oh, i thought your mom's preggy. LOL, just joking. nice to meet your new sis Karen, Chie.

  2. really cool to have a new friend and sister in one...

    here's mine:

  3. Pretty ladies! surely all of you had fun with the cake and its icing...yummm

    hanks for joining this week! I hope to see you again next week ^^


  4. Me and my sisters are not really that close hehhe glad to know looks happy with your sisters. Visiting from RHT!

  5. funny girls that wants to have fun, loved it :-) girls just wanna have fun, right Sis? Visiting from Red Hot Thursdays, hope that you can return the visit too.

  6. ay pagka bibo man kau...ehehe...pede pod pa adopt? lisod lagi ning way sister kay pa adopt!


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