Cheep Visits With Some Slices of Cake

We were all glad Cheep visited us here in my apartment today. She went here straight from her baking class just to give us some slices of the cake they baked at their school. She was still in her cooking class uniform, the look of her that I missed.  Quickly I picked my camera and took a picture of her. In her hands was a bowl with a few slices of cake. She gave it to me asking me to try hoping I will like it. We then ate together. She said she can now perfect the icing mixture although her cake needs a bit improvement. The talking was just her way of kicking away the tension she felt, I know.

Although she was trying to break the ice between the two us, I can still sense awkwardness in her when talking to me. I am just glad that it is not as much as the first time she visited after our fight and after she moved out. But still she couldn't look at me straight to my eyes. Well, at least the camera she can. And just like before, whenever she needs something from me, she tells it to Cheem first, then Cheem would speak up for her. It makes me sad that I scare my youngest sis that much not to be able to talk to me directly. I have forgiven her already simply because I love her. I even worry about her everyday living alone in her room. But even how much I want her back under my care, I had to stop and let her be so she could learn how it's like being independent. I just hope she'll learn a lesson. 

Anyway, back to the cake my sister baked. The icing tasted good yes but the cake does need improvement for it tasted like a gum to me. Colors pink and green make a pretty combination for an icing. Pink for sure was Cheep's first choice of color for the icing. She made two shades of pink, light and pale. She seemed bored with the color that she added green to make it look lively.   



  1. That's a beautiful looking cake Tita! I hope you and your sister will go back to what it used to be. Thanks for joining CC.


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