Cheep Moves Out

I haven't talked about this bad news yet. I just found it hard talking about it on my blog because the reason of her moving out was our fight. We fought about her lost phone, a Samsung Corby 2, which I got her last year on September. It was actually my phone that I handed down to her because she liked it for a reason it was "pink". She lost it on the night of my birthday in a bar we hanged out. I scolded her and she was mad about it. 

Well yes, she'd been implying about wanting to rent a boarding house that's near her school so she won't be late in going to school but I ignored the implication for it was impractical. I knew she only wanted to be free  from authoritativeness. Our fight had triggered her impulsiveness and moved out from my apartment on the 23rd of December to a boarding house that's only a walking distance from her school. I visited after 3 days of cooling down. She got a room slash kitchen of an average size. It is nice because she has her own bathroom inside. Now the problem, the rent is Php2,500.00 a month. See what her being hardheaded got her into; she signed a one-year contract to rent the room and who else does she run to when she needs the money for rent? Me. I am shaking my head. 


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