Cheem and Pabz in BRB

Chem and Pabz's self shot. This was taken, well, by Cheem on the evening of the January 9 in Balai Resto Bar. I was invited there by a friend for a drink and I took them with me. Anyway, now you have an idea who Pabz is. Pabz has been my great confidante, a best friend since college. He was there during the time I so much needed a friend. One when hubby left. He has never left me, has spoiled me though never failed in giving me a scolding when it's needed. Luckily he has a heart that could understand women's dramas and stuffs. He has a woman's heart lurking in a fit, masculine body. That's why we are friends. Wink! Since Pabz a best friend of mine, he is also to my sisters. He is even close to my brother. He is like a family now.


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