Saturday, December 29, 2012

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Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Cheem And Her Bike

Cheem was the second Santa Claus on the eve of December 24, this year. She arrived with Budoy right before 12 midnight with more gifts for the kids. We didn't really feel the joy of Christmas though because by 12 midnight, the world was asleep. The street was empty, and the silence was deafening. It was because the tradition here in this part of the world where we are is changed. The Catholic church who is a strong believer of the tradition changed it. So instead of welcome the savior's birth at 12 midnight, it happened at nine in the evening after the mass. Just funny. It was Christmas no more. So yes, next Christmas we are not gonna celebrate it.

Anyway, I have nothing sense-ful to share today so let me just share Cheem and her bike. This is how Cheem's bike looks like right now. She is still having the Angry Birds' fever. 23 - her and her ex's monthsary date. It seems like the ex still have a spot in her heart. Lol! Can't get over?

Previously, this is how her bike looks like. There was that big 69 in the front. She scratched it off later for a reason people are raising eyebrows on it.

I would like to thank her for the Christmas/Birthday gifts she got for me. I received a jumpsuit and a cool sleeveless top from her.

Monday, December 24, 2012

Mobile Casino

I just learned today that you can play casino games on your mobile phones. Wow! Just how online casino gaming had rapidly progressed. From the computer version, now there is a mobile casino, a version for mobile phones for an easy and convenient play. You may be sitting or lying down on your bed while you are playing. This thing sure had brought smiles to the many casino gamers from anywhere in the world. To be able to play, of course, the mobile phone has to have an internet connection, or it should can connect to Internet to be able to connect to the casino gaming websites. Check out for a list of best mobile casinos. If you are a new mobile casino gamer and you want to start playing now, you might want to check no deposit mobile casinos and might as well register to take advantage of the 'new mobile casino players' no-deposit bonus, wherein a player can play casino games without making a cash deposit. New mobile casino players out there might want to give it a try. 

Sunday, December 23, 2012

The First Santa Claus Arrives with The Gifts

Cheep is first the Santa Claus this Christmas. She is the first to wrap the gifts for the kids this year. She arrived today with half of the gifts already wrapped and ready to be placed under our little Christmas tree. These gifts will be given out to the kids on the Christmas eve.

We'll see who the other Santa Clause this year will be. I heard Cheem has half of the gifts to wrap. She is still in Dipolog City right now. She'll surely be arriving tomorrow with more gifts for the kids.

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Westfield TMJ dentist

Growing up in a family with a store, we sisters had full access on candies and chocolates. We grew up surrounded with all the sweets and candies to our indulgence. I remember, there were times when we joined forces to pick some coins off the drawer to buy chocolates in the market when our store is out. There were as well times when we sleep with melting candies in the mouth, which was truly a very bad habit. We are ripping the bad fruit of that bad deed now.

While we were busy ruining our teeth, our parents were more focused on feeding us than taking us to the dentist for dental check-up. So we were really not given dental care then and when toothache attacked, we'll just endure it. But I would say all the faults about us having no perfect teeth and suffering toothache from time to time don't fall on them. We have our share of faults too...more share.

Dental care is one thing we shouldn't deprive ourselves from. I envied those kids nowadays who are given regular dental check-up. Kudos to the parents for being more attentive to their kids' dental health by taking their kids regularly to Westfield TMJ dentist or to other good dentists near them. I believe that delicious foods taste more delicious when the teeth are strong and healthy. I knew that kind of taste when I was twelve; during those days when teeth were strong and healthy. Well now, not anymore.

Sunday, December 16, 2012

Cheem and Cheep's Puppies: Mocco and Mucho

It is good to have my much-needed sleep and rest today. I slept today for more than ten hours. How nice! From the two days of insomnia, I know ten hours of sleep is not enough but it is much better than to not be able to sleep at all.

Cheem and Cheep's voices woke me up today afternoon around 5p.m. I particularly woke up with them trying to get the puppies off Chizka but they were scared they might be bitten by the mother. They didn't know Chizka is ever friendly and sharing. I thought at fist I was just dreaming for I was informed by Cheem through a text message that they'll be home on Tuesday and it was still Sunday. When I was fully awake, I realized it was really them who went home after Cheep's last class in the afternoon just to see the puppies for themselves and not just on MMS and photos uploaded in FB. In the end I stood and helped them up. I placed all five puppies in the basket. Picture taking with the pups then followed.

Oh my, they were so noisy praising, exclaiming and all that to Chizka.I can still see their happy faces as they were playing with Chizka and puppes. They were very surprised that Chizka has indeed given birth to five puppies. They were amazed with the fact that our baby Chizka is no longer a baby but a mother to five cute puppies.

Before they went back to Dipolog City earlier tonight, they already had their pick. Cheem picked the smallest puppy with brownish black fur that she named Mocco while Cheep picked the cutest among the brown puppies that she named Mucho. Both their picks are males.

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Green Carpet Cleaner

It is cozy to have a carpet at home. I bet everyone likes a carpet and/or carpet flooring but not the cleaning part of it. I have one huge carpet that hubby got me from the US and a couple of carpet rugs but I only use one right now simply because using all three will be a huge hassle for me when the need to clean up arise.

I only use the rectangular carpet rug, not too big for less hassle in cleaning. I placed the rug in my small working area, which is by the computer table; just big enough to fill the space between the computer, the TV and the couch. I like that even in this little area, I can walk barefooted with no problem. Instead, my feet are comforted with the soft and warm feel of the carpet. Warm and soft are things that everyone loves about a carpet. To have its maximum comfort, some people are even using carpet flooring for an entire room.

Although a carpet gives you that kind of comfort, carpet cleaning is a hassle. If you have carpets at home or have carpet flooring, I am sure you are troubled with carpet cleaning. If you do the cleaning yourself, you’ll surely be sweating a lot. If you are hiring a cleaning service for it, you’ll surely be spending a lot too. You choose which one justifies your need.

Hiring cleaning service is less work. I prefer it, I am sure you do too. How many times do you call for a carpet cleaning service a month? Do you find it better to hire a cleaner than doing the cleaning yourself? But how sure you are the carpet cleaning service you hire uses the cleaning materials that are safe for you, your kids and your pets? If you do not know yet, there is a carpet cleaning service in Brooklyn they call Green Carpet Cleaner. Why the name? The said cleaner uses Eco-friendly materials that are safe not only to the carpet but also to the environment and to you and your whole family’s health. Click here for more information about this Green Carpet Cleaner.

Saturday, December 8, 2012

So This Is Skirting?

So this is what skirting is or table skirting in formal HRM term. My youngest sister talked to me about their skirting competition in school. I didn't mind it at first for I didn't know what it was about until she showed me these photos.

Doing the table skirting.

It was said their class was divided into groups for the table skirting competition. There were about ten groups I think. Cheep's group landed on the fifth place after the competition. She was kind of sad about it but I knew she did her best. For me, their group is the winner. 

After all the hard work they did as a group, here's the result. 

To have an elegant table set-up, table skirting is one way to present it. Now I know that skirting plays a major role in parties and in special occasions like birthdays and weddings. Without this elegant way of table setting, parties will be dull. It is definitely one of the most important techniques an HRM student must learn.

8 Architecture Master Pieces To Look Out For in 2012

Has no-one told these guys that there’s a financial crisis on? These amazing feats of architecture have cropped up this year, and we think it’s time to celebrate them. Here are some of our favourites from across the globe:

DNB Headquarters in Oslo

The Dutch firm, MVRDV, must really like Tetris. This block building creates an optical illusion that the central segment of the building is hovering. The strange design is said to allow more natural light into the offices. Walkways often emerge outside of the building, leading to a pretty fantastic and complex structure.

Azerbaijan Central Centre in Baku

This white building has got curves in all the right places. The structure creates an exceptional sense of fluidity and is made out of glass-reinforced concrete. Azerbaijan Central Centre is a great example of architecture that works well with its surroundings – the building seems to emerge naturally out of the local topography!

Phoenix International Media Centre in Beijing

Phoenix International Media Centre is architecture’s bundt cake. This building of sci-fi proportions is a scrunchie of undulating steel. Inside, you’ll find offices and TV-broadcasting areas. China has really begun cultivating some of the most daring architects since the turn of the century.

London Bridge Tower

Not to be confused with London Tower, London Bridge Tower is a 21st century phenomenon. It looks like a mythical ice giant has stuck a shard right through the south bank of the Thames. London Bridge is a massive 72 stories high and the tapered glass looks sharp enough to cut yourself on. Visitors can take the elevator to absorb the scenery of London city from the viewing gallery.

Queen Alia International Airport in Amman

Get this: Queen Alia Airport is made out of photovoltaic canopies that not only provide shelter for weary travellers but they are built to store sunlight for eco-friendly energy. The open airport allows for ventilation and is a wonder to explore. Low to the ground, it offers a stark juxtaposition to the aeroplanes circling above.

Dalian International Conference Centre in Dalian

You’d be forgiven for thinking that a huge spaceship had landed in China, but it’s just the Dalian Conference Centre, in all its shining glory. The building’s exterior moulds into rippling surfaces that move like the sea.

Kamppi Chapel of Silence in Helsinki

This beautiful building, with its curved, wooden construction, envelopes visitors in a cozy sanctuary of wood. Kamppi Chapel is a great place to escape from your busy life and sit quietly with your thoughts. Aside from the religious theme, this rounded exterior is similar to the innovative designs of McCormick Architecture. We need to see more spaces like this.

Sliced Porosity Block in Chengdu

Made out of five towers, this building has residential and work areas. Looking more like a sculpture than a building, the exoskeletal construction is another building that does its best get as much natural light as possible.

Because There Is No Other Colors

This is not like her. Pink is just something that doesn't appeal much to her. So I was surprised when last week, she visited with this pink sling bag that she got cheaply for only a couple of hundreds and plus. When I asked her why pink? She answered "because there was no other colors available". I told you. She doesn't like pink that much unless she has no choice. If it was Cheep, I didn't need to ask. Anyway, Cheem must like this sling bag so much to grab it despite the color.

Friday, December 7, 2012

5 Reasons He Didn't Call

When after the first date, the guy doesn't call you again, it's time to figure out what the main reasons might be that you're not hearing from him. Facing this situation head on can be difficult. Anything that makes a person take a long look in the mirror is difficult, yet making an honest effort to determine the answers to this question may prevent it from happening again.

You believe that you both had a good time, or potentially what you might call a "great" time. You have looked at every aspect of the entire evening; you still have no idea why he's not calling you. There are many possible answers to this dilemma, but here are just a few of them that might "fit" your situation:

1. You talked too much, or conversely, you didn't talk enough.

Are you a good listener? Monopolizing the conversation can convey to the guy that you don't really care what he thinks. He may believe that you're too aggressive or an "air-head.". Maybe you talked too much out of a sense of nervousness, but he doesn't know this. Date two may have told him this. Talking too little may say to him that you're not really interested in what he's talking about. He may have been left with the impression that the two of you don't have anything in common. Talking and listening are the ways people get to know each other. That fact places a very heavy burden on first date conversations.

2. Being too attentive to his needs, his conversation, his "whatever" may really put him off.

He may feel that your desire is too great, and he can't handle it. The truth may be that you do care, and he doesn't. These are the things that can sometimes be difficult to accept. Looking back over the date will tell you if you were "advancing" too soon. You have too much desire for the relationship; he doesn't have enough.

3. He may date a lot of girls, and you are really no one "special".

This isn't your fault. It is nothing that you did or didn't do. It is all about "who he is." Many gals expect it to be something they said or did, and it just isn't. It's good to detect this sooner than later. That way, you don't waste your time even thinking about it. There are better places to put your energy to work.

4. You may be a secure person, and he's not.

This usually creates "bad vibes" and a vast distance between two people. Apparently, this is not the time when opposites attract. It is better when both of you are confident and somewhat outgoing.

5. There is no real attraction between the two of you.

The "chemistry" just isn't there. Haven't you at times enjoyed a date without feeling drawn to that person? Maybe he just wants to be friends and doesn't know how to say it. He may be afraid of hurting your feelings. Maybe he was really attracted to you and doesn't know how to handle that truth "in the light of day." Maybe he doesn't know how he feels. He may be afraid of being hurt.

There are so many reasons that the guy doesn't call back. It is good to have an introspective moment or two, but don't obsess on it. If you have fallen that hard for him, call him and check out the atmosphere. Call and tell him that you enjoyed the date. If you didn't enjoy the date, then don't make it an issue. Know when to let go.

Emily Silvertone writes for Peachy London - a site dedicated to love, life and sensuality. 

Monday, December 3, 2012

Hanging Out With Cheep's Friends

I got to like hanging out with Cheep's friends. During the last few months in Dipolog City, I hanged out with them the most. It was during the time when I got fed up with my own friends, or when I simply got tired hanging out with them and dealing with their BS. Yes, I had those kinds of friends too apart from the few good ones.

Anyway, hanging out with Cheep's group of friends that's mostly comprised of her HRIM classmates made me feel like a teen too. Come to think of it, I am the shortest and although I am the Ate or the big sister in the group, I feel like I am the babiest because they made me feel like it too.

Here's my pictures with Cheep and her sweet friend.

We are healthy, aren't we? Hehe...Yours truly with Analyn. I miss her goofiness. Kong sa Bisaya pa, sabay kaayo!

Here are the Videoke Queens.

Oh my I missed those times when we have the microphone all for ourselves to the other costumers' dismay. When it is our turn, we all would line up in from the TV and sing like we are having a concert. We share lines in every song so what we do is we pass the microphone to one another.

I am sharing this to 366 Blog Photo Challenge.

Saturday, December 1, 2012

The Three Chies Inspired Cakes?

This blog originally has a three-color theme inspired by our three favorite colors; pink, yellow and baby blue. For the first few changes done on this blog’s template, I used those three colors until I changed it to all-pink recently.

Check out the past layouts/templates of this blog:

As you can clearly notice, all these blog templates have those three colors. Which among these templates you like best? Well, if I am asked, being the designer of these templates, I like all of them. But why did I have to change from layout to layout? It is because I easily get tired of my blog's look that I had to dress it up from time to time to be inspired. 

Now for the Three Chies inspired cake. Ta...da!!!!

This is just a coincidence. My youngest sister Cheep took this picture while in a cooking/baking competition in Cagayan de Oro during their educational trip there. These are just two of the cakes displayed for the competition. These cake surely caught my sister's interest upon seeing the colors simply because it is The Three Chies theme!

366 Blog Photo Challenge

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Top 5 Money Saving Tips

In these times of austerity and economic hardship more and more of us are having to keep a much closer rein on our personal finances. If you're just starting out on your own money saving journey then here are some ideas to help get you started.

Manage your budget
It sounds obvious but how many of us really keep a close eye on our spending habits? Spend a month keeping track of exactly where your money goes. Work out your maximum monthly disposable income after you have met all your outgoings and do not spend more than this. If you tend to shop impulsively then leave your cards at home and only take cash out with you. If you run out of money then tough you'll simply have to wait until next month.

Sort out your debts
If you have debts then make sure that you are not spending more than you need to on them. You may find that there are better ways of paying them off, for example, by consolidating them into one loan with a lower rate of interest or by transferring them to a credit card with a 0% balance transfer period. If your debts are out of control then take action. There are a number of solutions that can prevent you from becoming bankrupt such as debt management plans or an IVA. Seek advice from a specialist debt charity if you don't know how best to proceed.

Make your savings work harder
If you are lucky enough to have savings then make sure that you are getting the best return on them. Look at any ISAs that you have from previous tax years and see whether they are still earning a decent amount of interest. If not, transfer them to a better provider. Check that the interest you are receiving on any other savings products is still competitive and, if not, switch. If you are happy to tie your money up for a period of time then you may be able to benefit from higher rates.

Plan your meals
Most households waste food. By planning your meals in advance you can make sure that you only buy what you need and are not tempted by offers and deals as you walk round the supermarket. Meals that you plan tend to be cheaper too as you focus more on seasonal goods, home cooking and avoid expensive ready meals. If the lure of the offers in the supermarket is too much then write yourself a list and shop online so that you are not so easily distracted.

Get the most out of your purchases
Make sure that you get the most of the items that you buy. Cut the tops off of cereal boxes, cover them in recycled wrapping paper and use them as file-holders. Buy smaller tins if you usually end up throwing out much of the content of larger ones. Roll citrus fruits back and forth on your work surface before squeezing them as you will then get more juice. A little time spent researching on the internet will give you loads of ideas.

With a little bit of time and effort it is possible to think of lots of ways to save money. And, once you've started and begin to see the results, you'll find that you can't help looking for more and more ways to cut back waste and maximise your income.

Picking The Right Furniture For Your Home

Choosing the right furniture for your home can be a big decision. You want it to look good, be comfortable and hopefully not break the bank! There are a number of issues to consider in order to make the best choice.

What and where?

The very first thing to consider is the room for which you intend to buy furniture. What is its purpose? If it is a living room, a sofa is probably going to be your first key purchase. Sometimes a room is used for more than one purpose, as in the case of a study bedroom. Here you might decide to choose multi-functional furniture, such as a sofa-bed in order to maximise the available space. It is also important to think about the size and proportions of the room you are furnishing. If a piece of furniture is too large for a room it can make it look very cluttered, whereas a small piece in a large space might end up looking lost. Think about the overall look that you are attempting to create, be it cosy and welcoming or spacious and light.

What's your style?

One of the most important issues is to think about is the style of furniture you want. Do you favour elegant classic pieces, or are you looking for something sleek and contemporary? Modern furniture can be very dramatic and striking, but items that are on trend now may look old-fashioned in the near future. Classic pieces tend to be more expensive initially but will last longer as their appearance is less affected by current fads. Decide whether you are looking for high-fashion furniture that may have a relatively short shelf-life or timeless investment pieces. Companies such as 2furnish offer a wide selection of styles to suit any home.

Perfect your palette

You may be the kind of person who loves bright colours, but it is worth considering that both fashions and tastes change. This season's must-have hue might look dated in a just a few years, which would be an expensive waste if you no longer want it in your home. For larger pieces such as sofas and dining sets, it is often wiser to keep these fairly neutral, using accessories in a complementary or contrasting shade to add interest. The great advantage of this is that if you become bored of the colour, splashing out on some new cushions or curtains is less costly than replacing a bigger piece and will give your home a fresh look.

Count the cost

Furniture can be a costly purchase so it is best to weigh up all the options carefully rather than buy on impulse and later regret it. This is especially important if you are making a large purchase such as a sofa suite or bed, where you may need to spread the cost or save up for some time beforehand. Generally it is advisable to buy the best quality that you can afford as it will last longer, but there is certainly a place for bargains in the home. Think too about how any new pieces will fit in with your existing furniture; will they enhance your current style or end up looking out of place?

There are many things to consider when making such an important purchase, but with a little thought and planning, you can avoid making costly mistakes and enjoy superb furniture in your home for many years to come.

What Are They Playing?

Here's the two playing a game on Xbox. They were playing the Soul Calibur II and they were quite engrossed to it. I took this shot using my old phone, a Samsung Galaxy Ace, the one that I lost some months ago. I uploaded this photo on instagram. Cheep was quite fast in a striking a pose in between the serious fight of their chosen heroes on TV while Cheem didn't mind my camera. It was a fight between Talim, played by Cheem and Cassandra, played by Cheep. I like Talim!

Looking at this photo of my sisters who were so engrossed playing an Xbox game just inspired me more to win the Xbox Holiday Bundle Giveaway. It would be great to replace our old Xbox console to a new Xbox 360 or might as well add it up to my rack. That way, the four of us siblings won't be fighting over one Xbox. If you as well want to take the prize home, come check the giveaway and join.

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Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Keeping A Healthy Diet On Holiday

For a variety of reasons, people are trying to either get fit and eat a healthier diet, or maintain an established healthy lifestyle. However, all the best of intentions can be thwarted by the annual holiday, which is an equally important part of a healthy, well-balanced life; indeed, it is often on holiday, where access to fitness facilities is included in the holiday package, that individuals take the first steps to a healthier lifestyle.

Coping with holiday food

When you have booked your holiday, spend a little time learning about the cuisine of the area rather than choosing fried food and chips. Where possible make sure that you have the requisite five fruit and vegetables every day. When selecting from the menu, avoid the rich creamy options and choose a clear vegetable soup, salad and vegetable or tomato sauces on pasta dishes. Lean chicken, vegetables or seafood topping on pizzas are better than the salty, high-fat meats which are frequently used. Avoiding the optional extra cheese is also a good idea and you should steer clear of any food that incorporates cheese in large amounts.
Greek moussaka is high in calories and taramasalata has a high fat content, so these should be avoided along with all fried meat dishes; where possible select grilled steak or chops rather than avoiding them completely. Pies are also best avoided. Fresh fruit or fruit in low fat yoghurt are much healthier dessert options than pastries that are full of sugar and have a high fat content, however tempting they may be.

Alternatively, if you feel that trying different dishes and indulging yourself is part of the attraction of a holiday, allow yourself some indulgent meals during your time away and balance them with a simple breakfast and dinner. If you are going to do this these meals are best eaten at lunchtime so you are not going to bed after having had more rich food than you would normally have.


Many modern hotels and resorts offer gym facilities and the services of an instructor for guests during their stay. Some people prefer to opt for fitness holidays abroad from electric bloom for their annual break, but this is not everyone's cup of tea. For those people who have never been to a gym, using the inclusive facilities can be a good way of testing the water or getting to know what type of exercises are appropriate for the level of fitness being aimed for as each individual has different requirements.
 Going to a new location on holiday provides a good opportunity to explore and take photographs to take back home with you and make your friends envious. Walking is the perfect antidote to indulging in those edible temptations. It is also perhaps one of the few times when you actually have the time to walk in wonderful surroundings without having to worry about work, appointments or meetings. Making an effort to go out for half an hour to an hour everyday while on holiday may make it easier to continue the habit when you are back at home.

Maintaining a healthy lifestyle does not mean that a holiday should not be relaxing and enjoyable; after all, it is a time to rest and explore new adventures. Developing healthy eating habits and a sensible exercise regime can ultimately help with this in the long term.

To Celebrate Our Birthdays on Christmas Day, Not

Christmas is fast approaching. This also means that we should be fast in saving for the holiday preparation too. Christmas, even with the current economic crisis we are facing, we have to have at least a dish or two on our table on Christmas day to commemorate that birthday of our Savior. Speaking of birthday, two of The Three Chies will be celebrating birthdays on December; me (Chie) and Cheep.

Just last Saturday, Cheep and I debated on whether we will hold a separate celebration for ourselves or just do what we are used to; to celebrate it together on Christmas day. That way we can save a lot on the expenses. It will be a three- in-one celebration; our birthdays (Dec.22 and 27 and Christmas). Cheep insisted we should do it differently this time.It's been a long time since we celebrated our birthday on our real birthday. Cheep's murmuring maybe she'll forget her real birthday and will totally get used to celebrate it on the 25th. I understand her but well, it will depend on the budget.

Monday, November 26, 2012

High Quality Wholesale Ecko Jeans Available in Online Wholesale Stores

Buying clothes in wholesale has its numerous advantages, especially when it comes to jeans. You will be able to buy wholesale jeans in numerous sizes, colors and of different styles at attractive price range. If you are planning to buy a new stock of jeans for the entire year then it is better to opt for wholesale option since you will be making a huge bargain. There are numerous online stores that sell high quality wholesale Ecko jeans of different designs, color and style. The reduced price is only there since you are buying in bulk and there is no compromise or issues related to the quality of the jeans. 

When you opt for wholesale jeans there is a minimum number of jeans that you need to buy. This is good because you can use the wholesale lot for your own use or you can solve your yearly gift giving issues. Buying jeans in wholesale gives you an idea on what to give as a present to your friends, family or loved ones with great jeans. Plus you won't feel the pinch in your pocket due to the reduced prices of Ecko jeans in the bulk order. We all know how expensive it can be to buy individual pairs of jeans and buying in bulk solves this problem.

On wholesale you will be able to find jeans for all sizes and of all types. Jeans for women, men and children of all sizes are available on a wholesale online junction. You can browse through numerous combinations and choose one that is specific to your requirements. This facility is great for many since it allows the buyer much more options in comparison to a general retail store. Not to mention that the price range of these high quality jeans will be impeccable and you are never going to find any flaws in terms of quality.

Quality of wholesale Ecko jeans is something that you can be rest assured since most of these wholesale stores available online supply to the regular retail stores. Eventually you will be able to get the best possible quality jeans at extremely low prices. Moreover, the latest designs are all available at these wholesale stores and therefore you will be able to stay ahead among other when it comes to fashion trends. The great opportunity to have access to the recent designs of the Ecko jeans is something that no one would want to miss.

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Sunday, November 25, 2012

Tickets for Latin Shows and New Age Events has been around for many years now providing us tickets to our favorite sports tournaments, concerts and other tickets for other events. When it comes to concerts for latin shows and concerts for new age events, is also the only resource for tickets. Come and check it out the available tickets now so you won't miss your favorite shows. Make sure you get the best seat!

Birthay Cake For Lola

Cheep arrived last night with a birthday cake, which we planned on giving to our lola for her 85th birthday. It was a belated cake since lola's birthday was on November 23.

As much as Cheep wanted to bake the cake herself, she or we do not have the equipment for baking so she just bought a pretty, girly-looking cake in one bakeshop in Dipolog City with her Cheem. Above is a picture of her with the birthday girl (lol) and our brother.

I am linking this to 366 Blog Photo Challenge.

Friday, November 23, 2012

Rose Table Napkin Fold

This is a late post. Cheep was busy practicing table napkin folds months ago. I can't recall what month exactly but I think it was June or August. Each student of their HRIM class (third year) were to demonstrate different table napkin folds. Cheep was of course, included. She went though a lot of online researching for the different ways of folding table napkins. She referred to online tutorials, preferably video presentations, to be able to master the different folds. It was taught in school actually but she forgot.  Fortunately, searching for ways to fold a table napkin into a very presentable one was made easy with Internet. Internet has always been a big help to her.

So during those days, as it was nearing the date for their graded demonstration, she doubled her efforts to familiarize all the folds. Everytime she went home, she would practice the different ways of folding table napkins. One that she mastered was rose table napkin fold shown above.

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Daily Deals in Canada are Worth Your Time

Daily Deals in Canada
Everyone is familiar with the phrase "That's just too good to be true". As consumers, we have learned to be extremely apprehensive in regard to an advertised sale or particular, always searching for the discerning print that will bring the potential customer crashing back to the harsh realm of reality.

The customer will quickly find that this is not so with daily deals; in this circumstance you can relax and shop armed with the knowledge that you are in fact getting incredible products at fantastic rates without all of the fine print and loopholes.

Many companies participate in offering a deal of the day. One can find deals on a wide array of products including apparel, fine jewelry, home furnishings, car accessories and detailing, stereo systems, phones, cameras, children’s items and more. Also, offered are coupons for discounted services at spas, restaurants, golf courses, and all-inclusive travel packages.

Some associations even offer "freebies". Available are fragrance samples, e-books, recipe booklets, music samplers, shampoo samples, vitamin samples, and free shipping.

Make no mistake, these are well known businesses offering high-quality products and services at severely discounted rates. This is one instance where you do not get what you pay for, in the best possible sense. The consumer will receive much more than what they are paying for.

Just a few of the many participating companies include Play it Again Sports, Heritage Painters, Kynk Naturals, Lands' End, Lindt, Dell, Similac, Sears, and Home Depot.

Those lucky enough to find a bargain on just what they've been searching for must act quickly. As the name suggests, these remarkable discounts have a lifespan of only twenty-four to thirty-six hours, so shoppers need to move fast in order to lock in the low price.

Why You Should Look at Daily Deals
74% off of Swarovski crystal pendants, under four hundred dollars for a queen sized memory foam mattress, two hundred dollars for a trip to Niagra Falls for two adults and two children (including mini golf passes and Adventure City tokens), a remote controlled helicopter for under thirty dollars.

This is but a small sample of the large and varying quantity of items offered at low prices. With a wide array of products and services, there is going to be a deal on something that you are currently looking to purchase. This is a terrific way to get exactly what you want and save your hard-earned money.

It's remarkably easy to find just what you are looking for. Many sites are set up so that you can find the best possible discount right in your own backyard. Shoppers have the option of searching by category, product, and location. You can even have notifications sent to your e-mail and facebook, even further simplifying the process.

Just to be sure that you are getting the best steals and services, some sites even offer side-by-side comparisons and product reviews to ensure that what you receive will be above and beyond your expectations.

This process saves time, money, and hassle. There is no reason not to try it out for yourself. 

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Our Future Bartender, Maybe?

Cheep is now in 3rd year of her HRM course, and with God's grace, she'll soon graduate. We are so proud of her because among us siblings, she endured the hardship of being a student and continued on. She may be the youngest but I think she is the strongest among us all.

Anyway, I saw these photos of her with her classmates in my computer's picture folder. It's nice looking all of them in their uniform. This set of uniform is just one of the three. They have other two sets; the checkered green  that they use when cooking or when they are inside their school's cooking laboratory and the dark gray that they use on regular classes. This uniform they wear in the photos I think is worn when they are assigned to serve foods and drinks to the guests during school affairs or when they have a bar-tending class. 
Can you spot my sister in the picture? Well, s'ya ang pinakagwapa sa mga girls mao nga gipadala siya og pitsel. KUK!

7 Signs You're In Love

Love's First Sign - An Overpowering Magnetic Attraction
Love's first blush can be a softly tinkling chime or thunderous clanging gong. Love often begins like a bolt of lightening for some individuals. Subtle, amazingly powerful, magnetic attractions develop into an overpowering desire for an exchange of emotions. This is one of the seven signs you're in love. Individuals find magnetic attraction so powerful, it often feels emotionally debilitating until the first words between two people are spoken.

Love's Second Sign - Mystical Nuances
There's something mystical about the nuances that attract two people to each other. They may be perfect strangers meeting in passing in a crowd. Still, it seems as if destiny and a certain mystical nuance draws two people together at a specific time in a specific place. Many of the world's greatest love stories have the element of these mystical nuances.

Love's Third Sign - A Life Changing Experience
Without doubt, falling in love is a life-changing experience. Even after the initial phases of attraction wane, love's third sign, a life changing experience, is obvious to both parties. Everything feels as if it has changed from a dull, insipid existence to a brilliant dream state of euphoria and happiness.

The Fourth Sign You Are in Love - Desire For Oneness
The ultimate desire to be at one with another human being with whom lovers can share their lives reaches to the very depths of human nature. The desire to be at one with a soulmate with whom you can share your past, present and future is the fourth sign you're in love. The desire for oneness usually follows a phase of serious contemplation, evaluation and deep consideration of the soul mate chosen.

The Fifth Sign - Physical Changes
Love adds happiness and a kind of buoyancy, energy and strength to every person who has met the love of their life. All of the moods of monotony and boredom are suddenly vacated by a refreshing, light attitude, smiles and feelings of new-found energy and interest in life in general. Love physically changes both individuals in a relationship by encouraging elevated perspective on health, appearance and habits.

Interdependency - The Sixth Sign of Love
In every love relationship, the enormous differences in personality, coupled with childhood upbringing and environments, become a large part of interdependency. In some love relationships, the intolerant learn to expand their levels of tolerance and understanding of the need for growth of the relationship between two people. Love always emphasizes personal characters of each lover through a heightened sense of emotional fulfillment and need. Both lovers need to trust in each other in order to protect the future development of their relationship. Trust is the basis of dependency. It's always easier to trust those we love and to rely on them to understand our needs and desires. A love relationship that has lasting possibilities is one that allows the balance of dependency to be flexible to accommodate each lover's needs.

The Seventh Sign of Love - Deep Abiding Respect
It can be said that respect is the mirror image of true love. Respect is the seventh sign you are in love. It is only possible to love those to whom we can accord a deep, abiding respect. Respect, in reality, is love. This is also one of the best signs that two people can travel their shared lifetimes on a course built upon a respectful love that grows freely with the passing of each year they remain together. Lovers can trust and depend on those they respect most. Respect is the essence of true love.

Emily Silverstone runs Peachy London  - dedicated to love, life and sensuality. 

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

We Are Very Okay

I have a friend neighbor (kuno) who's always curious about us sisters. She always ask questions like: 

"why I don't see you bond often?", "are you guys fighting?", "I heard you're in a fight, are you guys okay now?", "why I don't see Cheem here very often", "where's Cheep?", "why I don't see you lately?" and lots more! 

She's just too nosy about us and she doesn't like it when we are happy. She always asks the "are you guys okay?" question. Confused as to where she got the idea that I and my sisters aren't okay, in knitted forehead I'll just reply "We are very much, okay! Why, did we fight?" with a smirk and a little shake of the head. Lol! 

We, sisters have a very awesome relationship. We love each other. We understand each other. We admire each other. We appreciate each other. We criticize each other. We give and accept advise to/from each other. There are times we fight, yes, but it will not take a day for us to reconcile simply because we know how to accept our mistakes and we know how to ask forgiveness. To those who doesn't like us and doesn't like seeing us happy can only go green with envy and go red with anger

This is our latest bonding. We strolled around town looking out for some fiesta left-overs. We planned on riding the Ferris wheel but Cheep disliked the idea remembering the last time when Cheem and I almost had a heart attack as the wheel rolled up and down. We were scared to death and Cheep really had a hard time calming us down in her somewhat panicky voice "Ate, it is okay. Don't look down. Just look at me and scream!" That was very embarrassing!

We went home after the stroll. We stayed outside the house for a few for some fresh air. I snapped these photos of my younger sisters below. They were busy with their phones; passing ringtones and photos through bluetooth.
It was another fun bonding for us. Later that night, Cheem and Budoy drove back to Dipolog while Cheep stayed for the night. I am linking this to 366 Blog Photo Challenge hosted this month by Rcel at SAHM Collections.

Fortify Your Relationship With These Top Tips

Being in a relationship can be hard if you have too many expectations coming into it. Whilst you should expect to have a certain degree of respect and love shown to you, the fairytale idea of the 'happy ever after' usually needs both partners to be willing to put a bit of work into the relationship. Here are some great ideas to help your relationship stay strong, or to get back on track if you've started to drift a little.

Give each other space.
There is no need to be constantly in each other's pockets in order to show how much you love each other. In fact, having a little time apart can strengthen the relationship. You should encourage each other to have independent interests, as well as ensuring that you have activities that you can do together. Your partner isn't there to be an extension of who you are, but to love and support you in all your activities, whether you take part in them together or not.

Look at who you are.
Often, people look for a partner to 'complete' them, to bring a certain something that they are missing in themselves. This is why so often an introvert will find themselves with an extrovert, or an adrenaline junkie will seek the security of a stay-at-home type. Whilst it is true that partners can bring out the best in each other if they have some opposite traits, it is also true that too many differences can spell the end of the relationship. A good relationship stems from each partner being happy and secure in who they are and not seeking to find something that they are lacking in themselves.

Embrace the ordinary.
Romantic love is a whirlwind of emotion, with heightened senses and a sense of euphoria. Lasting love, however, is what can be left once the initial thrills have died away. Romantic love is wonderful, but the highs and lows that it brings cannot be maintained long term. You need to be aware that ordinary life and deep love can be comfortable and comforting. Simple, shared pleasures are the building blocks of a lasting love.

Give more than you get.
It's true that giving can be better than receiving. Focusing on how you can make your partner happy can bring immeasurable joy and although we should not spend all of our time neglecting our own needs, when we give ourselves completely to someone else and they do the same for us, love can truly blossom. Of course, you must be aware of your own needs too and do not allow yourself to be taken for granted. Love should be a two way street.

It should always be remembered that love needs to be worked at in order to strengthen it and help it go the distance. One partner's efforts are seldom enough, so if you are giving more than you are receiving all the time and if your efforts are going unnoticed, do not stay regardless. Once you find that certain someone who wants to make the effort too, you will be rewarded with a deep and lasting love that will give you joy for the rest of your lives.

Author Jamie Knop on behalf of Switalskis family law solicitors.

Monday, November 19, 2012

My Women

In our family of six, we, the women are the ones that's strong, hardworking and independent.  The men in our family; our father and brother are very dependent to us, much more when I married to an American and when I started earning. We are like living in an upside down world wherein the women have to bring foods on the table. Although our father played his role being a providing father but that was all in history. Ever since my father fell into vices like drinking, smoking, gambling and women  (I think I was first year high school then), he as well fell into being the worst father. We still love him though.

Well, enough with that sad talk, let me share you my most loved women in these fun and silly photos.

Cheep acting like she smelt her Ate Cheem's smelly butt. Cheem on the other hand wasn't bothered by it, instead she showed out a tongue implying "good for you" with a peace sign. My mother is always serious in photos. She isn't good in making a silly pose and whether she gives out a smile or not, she always has that weird "singkit" eyes.

This one's a nice shot. These pictures were taken in my old apartment. Now, I kind of miss the place and all the fun happenings in there.

Thursday, November 15, 2012

Unilab Package Delivery Story

My package from Unilab containing a box (100 capsules) of Conzace multivitamins + Conzace golf umbrella arrived today very early in the morning at 5. Barely awake since I only slept an hour before the postman arrived, I happily received it.
The shipping used was 3-way Cargo Transport, Inc. The origin of the package is Manila. When the postman arrived in Zamboanga City, he sent me a text message saying he just arrived there. So I was like, personal delivery - door to door? And he added he'll personally deliver the package the next day. I know it takes 8 hours to travel from Zamboanga City to where I am, so it must have been hard on the postman's part but well, it is his job.

The Funny Story
During that day we were texting each other regarding the Unilab package, he kept calling me "sir". He was thinking that "Rechie" is a man. When he arrived at my door early today, he was very shock to see a lady "Rechie" welcoming him with the messed up hair and a just-got-off-the bed barely awake look. He was like "you're Rechie?" with his pretty big eyes widened. I only replied with a nod and a smile.

He had a lot of questions while I was receiving the package like "ahente po kayo ma'am?", "pa'no po kayo nakakatanggap nito?" I only answered with a look to his eyes and a slight smile, which I meant "sorry but I won't answer your questions", which I thought he understood.

When the package is finally in my hand, I excitedly opened it. I as well checked the umbrella and found out that there is Conzace multivitamins printed on it. I was so happy to have finally received these free gifts. I took a capsule of multivitamins today after a meal.

I am sharing this to 366 Blog Photo Challenge hosted by gwaps Rcel.

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

At Manukan Disco

Last night was our first night out since I moved back in Manukan. It was the town's fiesta and as expected, there held a disco in the town's sport center.  The entrance ticket was 20 pesos per person. The place was packed with disco goers, from youngsters to oldies. Oh how people in Manukan crave and thirst for disco as it happens very seldom! I crave too...I crave for the morning-the-night part in the city.

Of course, we the three Chies went to party too. We only paid half of the ticket price (wink). Budoy, Cheem's bf or better describes as her "alalay" went with us too.

Below is the only picture of me taken that night with sisters...

It was good to be in that kind of night party again. Although it wasn't as fun as Fusebox, BRB, Fatcat and Club Centro night out, I still had a lot of fun drinking beer with my sisters and watching everyone showing off their different disco moves on the dance floor.

366 Blog Photo Challenge

Monday, November 12, 2012

Conzace For Heavy Duty Immunity

My mother is a woman on the go. It may be harsh to say but she’s like a machine who’s working hard every single day just to provide for her family. Her only rest is at night to sleep. Her daily routine includes waking up very early in the morning, opening/watching her store until evening while doing the chores like cleaning the house and cooking meals. Sometimes she goes to nearby towns and comes home with sacks of fruit crops and vegetables to either sell or use to her cooking. I grew up knowing her being a busy mother and an enduring wife to her drunkard husband.

Now, after two months of living back in our house, I realized she is even busier since she takes additional responsibility to four children; her kind of adopted kids. I am happy that she stays stronger and healthier as ever. She doesn't even age; instead, she has a youthful glow. I asked her of her secret and it is none other than Conzace, which she has been taking for more than a year now.

Conzace gives superior white blood cells for heavy duty immunity

Conzace is known to be the most prescribed multivitamin by doctors for years. It acts as a source to obtaining heavy duty immunity that our body needs. It has formula to make stronger white blood cells. And having stronger white blood cells only means stronger immunity. A Conzace capsule is in a form of soft gelatin and is packed with essential vitamins and minerals our body needs namely Zinc(25mg) and Vitamins C (500mg), A (5,000 IU) and E (100 IU).

Oftentimes, we rely only on Vitamin C to boost our immunity but hey, it is not enough. Vitamin C only helps in developing our body’s soldiers, which are the white blood cells, maturing them and boosting their strength to fight the sickening germs and bacteria that get in our body.

Now with Conzace that is complete with (1) Vitamin C that develops white blood cells, (2) Vitamin A that assists in the normal reproduction and maintenance of healthy cells, (3)Vitamin E – an antioxidant that protects cell membranes and improves blood flow and (4) Zinc that replenishes or produces white blood cells in our body, what else could we ask for? It is a complete protection and supplement to our health!

Zinc, I must say, plays a major role and knowing Conzace contains the highest level of Zinc made this multivitamin even more effective. Do you know that along with the growth of the new cells comes the nutrients that keep our skin healthy. It is what Zinc does. It also takes charge in keeping our skin healthy and beautiful, kicking away skin problems like acne, sealing up wounds and cuts faster and repairing other skin damages. Many have proven it and I myself can attest basing on my mother’s glowing, acne-free skin due to her more-than-year Conzace experience.

You can take a capsule of Conzace everyday either in the morning or in the evening. My mother likes taking a capsule every morning after breakfast (it is advised to take Conzace after a meal) for as she said, it keeps her energized all day. Taking a capsule at night I heard is also good because it helps you sleep well. Knowing all these made me so eager to start adding a capsule of Conzace in my daily life. I will be starting very soon!

You too can! Start using Conzace  now for a heavy duty immunity!You can buy Conzace at Mercury, Watson’s and other drugstores for a suggested retail price of Php12.40 per capsule. Get in the know and be updated with latest news on Conzace by liking the page on Facebook:

Sunday, November 11, 2012

Working On Rena's Butterfly Mosaic

It was late at night last night when Rena asked me and my sister Cheep to help her out with her school project, which is to make a butterfly mosaic. I got excited when I heard "butterfly". Rena was a bit hesitant when she asked for such help. I can sense she was shy, especially to me, since I just got to live in the same house with her for just a couple of months.

Of course, Cheep and I helped. I thought of making the "making" of mosaic easy so I drew a butterfly with a pencil, which later we covered with colored papers that were cut in squares.

Cheep tracing or highlighting my butterfly drawing with a pen. We were kind of excited while doing it. We were excited, especially me on how the butterfly mosaic will look like after. But we did the project simple basing on Rena, a fifth grader's ability. It wasn't a hard work for us at all, with Rena's help of course who did most of the cutting of colored paper. 

We finished the project around midnight. Come check Rena's final Butterfly Mosaic Project here

Cool Cellphone Cover and Stand in One

My little cousins love using my BB phone in taking pictures. Oh how I like watching them posing model-like poses before my phone's camera! Even the young ones, Momay and Small, love it too; doing the cute poses like poking their chicks with forefingers while giving out their cutest smile for the camera. It was fun watching them. There were times they were fighting, racing to be the first to use my phone and take some self snaps. 

Because of that, my BB was abused. There were times they accidentally dropped the phone and abusively pressed the screen that resulted to touchscreen malfunction sometimes. Not to mention the scratches on the phone due to dropping and harsh-handling. So I thought of buying a screen protector and a cellphone cover but those aren't available here in little town. The better option I thought of was to purchase online.

I did some online window shopping earlier to look for those much-needed protection for my phone when i stumbled into an online shop that sells cellphone accessories including covers. Sweet! So I went on the searching and this one caught my attention.

It is a cell phone cover for iPhone5. It is the catchy, quite unique design that caught my attention. It features  a skull print with a hanging tongue that serves as a stand. It is a cellphone cover and a cellphone stand in one. How awesome! Being a lover of metal music, I came to like cool, metal rocker styles that includes skulls, which usually metal music lovers collect. I thought of getting something like this for my BB! The search went on but unfortunately, this design is made only for iPhone 5. If you have that kind of phone and fond on stuffs like this, you might want this for a cellphone cover. Purchasing this gives you a cellphone stand as bonus.