Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Phone Shots and Frames

Cheem played with the features of her new phone (I got her a new one, a cheap one. lol), including taking pictures after packing some things up at my house in Orchid Villas about a couple of months ago. She had these cool photo frames in her phone which she uses on almost all of her photos taken with her phone.

Here a shot of her with Chiz taken by Cheep before we headed to the closest restaurant for dinner.  Poor Chiz she was left alone for two to three hours in the living room which was full of bags and boxes - mess!.

MellowYellowMondayBadge Smiling Sally

Monday, November 28, 2011

This Blog Joins BC Bloggers


BC Bloggers is here again! I've joined BC Bloggers 3 and 4 and so far it helps my link in rate in Alexa.  Now that BC Bloggers is back again to share the easiest and fastest link building secret, of course, I am hoping this blog be counted. I am joining, definitely! So for the novice bloggers out there or those who are experienced but have new blogs, signing up to BC Bloggers would help you with link exchange. Come and join now!

Saturday, November 26, 2011

Cheep and Cheem in Pink

Here are my little sisters in pink taken during their separate cam-whoring moments. They always do that whenever they get close to our digicam. Cheeps photos were taken at my old place. I miss it - that view in Cheep's background, the old guest/sisters' room...and the the old love nest. Cheem's photos on the other hand were taken at the new place, wherein I encountered an inconsiderate landlord. They're cute, right?


Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Cheep and Glefil

I would like to share these pictures of my youngest sister with one of her closest friend Glefil to Orange Tuesdays. Glefil is one of Cheep's friend that I've met and she seems a very nice girl, well-behaved and polite.
She have visited Cheep several times before at my house when I was still in Orchid Villas. Now I miss OV. I also miss Cheep's friends hanging out in the house before and having a pajama party.

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Hooked on Mary Me Marry or Jang Geun Suk?

My little sisters are not huge buffs of Korean and Taiwanese dramas; I am. There were only few Asian dramas that made us three gathered together in front the TV and those were Boys over Flowers (we are huge fans), Secret Garden and Playful Kiss. Well me, if there is a term that could describe a person’s addiction that is beyond addiction, it could describe me for I can stay up more than 48 hours just to finish a single drama online. I don’t like it when I am left hanging and guessing what’s going to happen next in a drama I am watching.

Today, I am surprised the three of us plus Cheem’s friend Karen sit together in front the TV watching a Korean drama. What’s more surprising is that Cheem was the one who bought the dramas. Cheem, when it comes to watching Asian dramas, she is always the first one to get off the couch meaning she’s bored. So her coming home today with copies of Asian dramas, the bootleg ones she bought from a random street stand was rather a big surprise. She bought two, Mary Goes Out at Night/Marry Me Mary and Down with Love. 

We watched first the Mary Goes Out at Night or Mary Me Marry and for eight hours we were all pasted on our seats. We were hooked...on Jang Geun Suk, the lead male (to be honest)! We only get off to pee and to drink water. Even I who had already seen the whole drama remained on my seat just to enjoy the moment with sisters. After eight hours, they decided to stop and will just resume watching tomorrow for their eyes got watery. Since I’ve finished watching the drama, it was no big deal. 

Saturday, November 19, 2011

Cute Pink and White Cake

This is the cute pink-white cake that I was talking about in my previous post for Pink Fridays. I stole this photo from a friend's photo album in Facebook. I couldn't resist the urge to have it here in my blog and to share it with you. Have a look!

The sleeping baby on top of the cake guarded by pretty pink butterflies looks so adorable. 

Wanna have a slice now? I am till drooling. I only had a slice of it at the party. How I wish I've taken home one pink butterfly candy.

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Car Breakdown Cover

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Tuesday, November 15, 2011

The Three Chies - Update

What's going on with the Three Chies lately? There were a lot of happenings yet I kept in silence. Well, I didn’t mean to actually. I was just lazy updating not just this blog but all my blogs. Haist, I hate it when laziness strikes for it is making me unproductive and making my days a waste. It’s a total of ten days that I haven’t touched this blog. Wow, 10 tens of having this blog not updated resulted to the loss of page rank. It had PR2 the last time I checked and now, the PR set off to 1. It is simply frustrating and I am left to blame for being lazy.

Anyway, I back now to give you updates, to raise the rank of this page higher and to start making a living again. So how have the Three Chies been?

I would like to start with Chem since she’s been into a lot of fuss lately. As what I’ve written previously, Cheem had broken up with her boyfriend just a month ago. I know she was sad about the break up because she's gone wild and fierce. Just as much as my sister wanted to be friends with her X, the new girlfriend didn’t let them. It even led a fight between her and the new girl. As of the present, the X still contacting Cheem asking for reconciliation despite the fact that he’s already involved to a new girl. Cheem right now has new suitors and there's one whom we favor. Still, she doesn’t like to go to college for a reason that she still doesn’t know what she wants. We respected that decision.

Cheep? She’s currently in her class right. The official day of classes in their school started yesterday. Seeing her diligence in her studies really is gratifying. Every penny that I’ve spent for her school is worth it. Her wish to work abroad is the main force that’s driving her closer and closer to her goal. Thankfully, there is this guy whom she got inspiration from, aside from family. She’s quite in a serious relationship although she doesn’t like to talk much about it. She’s being discreet.

As for me, well, I have a same old story. I am still the confused wifey who’s longing and waiting for her husband to come home. Yet in the middle of confusion, I partied out quite a lot. It happens a lot when Pabz, my bestfriend, is around. He went home earlier than planned from meeting his boyfriend in Davao. Besides, it’s better to enjoy life than get depressed about it and I am not the type who would break down for a longest time. Also, I met a fun company in the persons of Cheem’s friends. Yeah, I met my sister’s friends and accepted them wholeheartedly in my place. They’ve been hanging in here lately actually. Although they are very far to my liking since they act, talk and dress overly liberated or in a whore-like manner, I respect their ways. Anyway, they are my sister’s friends.

Saturday, November 5, 2011

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Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Cheem and Her Boyfriend's Break Up

My younger sister Cheem had broken up with her ex-boyfriend. It is already a known fact to me. It is one of the main reasons why she’s staying with me in my new apartment with dad. She’s kind of mad with mom because I heard mom played a big role in breaking the relationship of them two. I understand mom’s reason though for doing such thing. Mom dislikes the guy for being a lazy man who does nothing everyday but stays home, sleeps and eats.
True, it’s a big turn off for a parent especially when your daughter’s boyfriend is staying in your house draining not just your food but your patience. What a nice life he got. I started accepting him to the family but mom couldn’t just stand feeding a lazy guy. And dad, who usually don’t say anything and just chose to go with the flow, had even spoken up his disappointment.
Cheem, all along has suffered from the break up. I thought it was alright for she managed to show us a happy face. If I hadn’t checked her Facebook wall yesterday, I wouldn’t know her ex has still been contacting her and that she had a fight with the new girlfriend over at the said social networking site. I am so proud of her for being strong and for accepting the break up. I know she’ll soon recover from it and totally move on.