Friday, September 30, 2011

HRIM Tshirt and Look Who Wears My Pink Bag

It's time to share some pink once again. I have here some photos I snatched from my sister's album in Facebook.
Here's Cheep showing off her pink HRIM shirt on their school foundation day. Look at that smile upon taking possession of something pink. To tell you, she always has pink with her every time she goes to school. If not her shoes, it's her bag. Even her new phone is pink.
And look who's wearing my pink bag? 

Here's a clearer view of my pink bag which I handed (I was forced, lol!) to Cheep. If you remember, this is the bag I won at a blog contest hosted by Shiela aka "Kurdapya". This bag has became her favorite bag to wear everyday to school or to anywhere. She's even using this bag right now in Bohol or in Cebu. I received few updates of her in Bohol yesterday. I am glad they got there safe and enjoyed their first day of tour so far. I didn't bother her too much for I want her to enjoy her time there.

Thursday, September 29, 2011

Boosting Blog Traffic

I stayed for a long while in this blog today. I was checking the statistics and rereading my posts. While checking out, my eyes fell on the numbers of the Alexa rank. The Alexa rank of this blog went higher. It is alarming for a blogger like me because the higher the rank your blog get in Alexa, the worse your blog traffic is. Every blogger for sure aims for a lowest rank in Alexa of 1 being the best. A couple of months ago, the Alexa rank of this blog were just about 550,000. I felt very happy and contented about it. I worked hard to be able to get rid of the millions in the rank. Adgitize at that time was a big help to eliminate a digit in the rank. This blog was then an active advertiser in Adgitize. I am thinking of advertising again but I am still waiting for the funds to be forwarded to my online account to cover the fees. Since the advertising expired last month, the rank rapidly went higher. Plus I was not updating this blog for the last couple of months. I need to do some traffic boosting for this blog and search engine optimization is one way.

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Off To Bohol and Cebu

...not me but Cheep. For the first time, my youngest sister is travelling far without the family's company. And it's not somewhere near where we can just ride a bus to attend to her when she needs us but oceans away. It is an educational tour of four days in Bohol and Cebu. I am worried because even though she's with her classmates, she's not used to travel by sea for long hours. Yes, they are taking a slow boat travelling a long way. Medicines couldn't be trusted, she might throw up in the middle of the sea trip. 

The fact that she was so excited about the tour is a consolation to our parents. We can only hope for the best. I do hope she'll enjoy the whole trip and learn a lot during the entire tour. I bought her a new pink travelling bag  a week before the tour. She was so happy about it and it sure added to her excitement. Of course, she needs pocket money for the tour so I gave her a few thousands for pasalubong. I only requested two things; original copies of the movies Thor and Fast Five. It would be great if she could bring home the movies. Have a good journey sister!

Cam Whoring Cheem

I am late for Orange Tuesday but it's better late than never. I have not taken any serious photos for the color memes lately. It's not that I lost my love on taking photos already, it's just that I've been occupied with writing blog posts. So for today, let me just share a random picture.


That in the picture is my younger sister Cheem being silly. Obviously, this was taken recently at my new apartment. She was trying to snap a seductive pose here of herself for her phone camera. I just happened to have a quick finger and caught her in this angle, which is much better than her self capture using her phone. It's just funny. Why do we have to stick our tongue out to look seductive on cam. Cam whoring!

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Deal Fun Auction Site Complaints

It’s nice to get something valuable for less. It’s already a nature for us buyers to get discounts off our purchases. Sometimes we even go for free stuffs, aren’t we? If offline there are corners in the malls for stuffs that are up for sale let us say 10 to 50 percent off and places where we can exchange coupons for rebates, online there are also places where we can buy discounted things directly using credit or debit cards or we can get and use coupons in exchange for goodies or discount items. These websites that offer nonstop freebies to everyone have become popular money-saving sources. Like everyone, I as well want to be able to save some pennies off my buys. Why not, right?

Aside from coupon sources, another medium of getting valuable things for less is through auction. There are many auction sites created nowadays that allow us to bid on stuffs we like so much. But there’s a lot of fuss nowadays regarding auction sites being reported as scam. One that I heard recently is Deal Fun dot com. I read few complaints online being one of those auctions sites that con bidders. Don’t get me wrong though. I was once an active bidder to one auction site before where I’ve won three worthy prizes with which I received all the winnings. Still, with all the many auction sites nowadays, it is best to read reviews first before bidding. With the Deal Fun complaints, I can't attest to it yet for I haven't tried bidding on the said site.

Monday, September 26, 2011

Little Sisters in Tubes and Blazers

I would like to share this picture of my sisters. They are sporting tube tops again underneath their blazers. It's fun looking at them dressing up, mixing and matching and playing with their get-ups. They even sometimes sew their own tube tops and top it with any blazers they get from thrift stores. Not to boast, they both look great in every clothing they decide to mix and match. That's an advantage of being fit which reminds me I need to seriously hit the gym or do some home exercises to stash off extra fats in me. I couldn't wear their size anymore. Some of my clothes are even handed down to them already. Tsk!

Sunday, September 25, 2011

When Moving Seek for Professional Help

Moving really is stressful. I just had a share of stress brought by moving to an apartment just recently. I didn't hire professional movers trying to save some pennies off it so as expected I had discovered damaged things after moving. Without the help of professional movers, moving could truly be very stressful. So if you need moving help, go for professionals like moving company austin to secure all your precious belongings.

Friday, September 23, 2011

Sleeping Little Sisters

My sisters were caught on cam in their funny sleeping position. I took these pictures early morning after getting off bed. They are currently sleeping on the couch because their rooms are not yet fixed. Check them out!

This is Cheem right here in her cool sleeping position. She looks comfortable but I believe she's cold with those arms crossed but instead of putting on her little blanket, she just dumped it on the table.

Cheep on the other hand seemed in an awkward and uncomfortable moment. It's like she was doing her exercise routine of stretching in her dream. These pictures made them two laugh when they woke up. I still had their bed frames made and hopefully it will be done sooner so they could occupy their room.

Saturday, September 17, 2011

Olive Cosmetics

One beauty regimen that has been used since the ancient times are olives. There are a lot of health benefits we can get off this little fruit. Aside from being used as ingredient to foods, its extract or the so-called olive oil are used as ingredient on numerous brands of cosmetics and beauty products. There are lots of  olive cosmetics available nowadays in the market. You might want to check it out. It's good for overall pampering. It is used not only for the inner health but as well to the hair, nails and skin.

Doll Shoes

I am catching up for Pink Fridays. Gladly, the linky is still up so here goes my share.

Obviously, these pairs of doll shoes aren't mine. The pretty pink one with flowers are Cheep's while the other pair is Cheep's friend's. How I wish I could confidently wear a pair of doll shoes when going out but since I have a poor height, that wish couldn't come true. My height is the main reason that's stopping to wear a pair even though I wanted to. So I just settle on wearing high-heeled footwear even when I get to an extent of not being comfortable. I envy my sisters so much it fits them well.