Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Ogio Packbags

If you are looking for pack bags that can satisfy your space needs and meet your desires of a sleek-designed quality bags, go for Ogio Packbags. Not only Ogio boasts its every professional and sleek looking bags but also the durability and the functioning compartments in its every bags. Ogio has all the sporty bags you need from street pack bags to golf bags. It as well has school pack bags for both men and women.

Ogio packbags, functionality, quality and design combined. Check it out!

Cheep and Friends Sleepover

Cheep asked me yesterday if it's fine with me to invite her college friends over at my place and spend a night for a sleepover or a pajama party. Teens eh? They just thought suddenly of having a sleepover after an exhausting dance practice that reached at eleven in the evening last night.  Didn't want to spoil the fun they were planning, I said okay as long as they will not take guys along. Besides, it was awkward to say no when her college friends were already outside the door waiting for my 'yes'.

So last night, I gave up my room for them since it's bigger and used the other room. Being a nice big sister as I am, I stayed up until 2 in morning and cooked a chicken dish and rice for them in case they'll get hungry after drinking. They had a bottle of The Bar Orange Tequila, some bottles of sodas and a few packages of munches. I let them enjoy watching movies in my room while drinking.

For sure my sister took a few photographs of them last night but I wasn't able to upload it as they hurried this morning to school for their foundation day. Since my sister has the camera right now, let me just share this photo of my sister and her college friends during their induction party.

Will upload photos of them last night later today or maybe tomorrow afternoon.

Personal Injury Lawyer in Hawaii

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Friday, August 19, 2011

Personalized Note Pad

Let's Party: Jes is 30 Giveaway is over and the Jes, the host, recently announced the lucky 30 punctual participants who'll get a personalized notepad. Wow! I am the 25th participant so luckily I'll be one of the recipients of this personalized notepad. After confirming to be included in the lucky first 30, Jes asked a photo of me for the notepad and here's how it looks. Nice! I can't wait to receive it.

It's pink! Now my sister is drooling over this personalized notepad. She wants a pad too. Lol! To sis Jes, I wish you had a blast on your birthday. I know it was a memorable one since your family is around you. Thank you for hosting the giveaway and for giving out a pad of personalized notepad. I am as well thankful that you made the color pink dominant in the notepad to my youngest sister's envy. Haha! I am already excited to use it.

Win Gift Cards, Cash and Ultra Prizes

Winning awards and prizes, how nice would it be to receive these winnings daily. I like winning cool prizes and giveaways. I won't say no to it, to gifts and freebies and I am sure you won't either. So far I've won a few from online contests and giveaways I've join. Some of the winnings I received so far were cash, accessories, bags and shirts. Some prizes are from my own country while others are shipped from countries outside Philippines. Receiving the prizes really feels rewarding because it's free and I've won it by only doing simple tasks online. If only there is a generous contest host that gives away prizes daily, life sure is rewarding everyday. Good thing a new raffle website is created called Ultra Prizes where gift cards and cash are given away daily. Have you heard of it before? Visit the site now for a chance to win gift cards you can use to shop at Amazon and Ebay or extra $5 cash daily through a random draw. Better yet, win the monthly ultra prize which is a Google Android.

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Pink Crystal Clusters

This is just a quick post to catch the closing of the linky for Pink Fridays. I am so late I know but at this very minute, I still have 3 hours to submit my entry.

So without much ado, here is my share:

Pink crystal clusters in a crystal vase is my share for PF today.  It's lovely isn't it? The beautiful orchids in the vase made it lovelier. This vase is placed on the bay window in my room. My sister didn't influenced me in buying these pink clusters but my room ceiling which is pale pink. I am trying to add pink in my room so I bought this.

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Complications Bring by Zocor Drug

Every drug really has side effects. Many drugs were already reported to have caused serious side effects. Even though these drugs or medicines can heal, it can as well affect the health causing another sickness that requires another medication. Have you heard about zocor lawsuit? It's the latest lawsuit on medicine I've heard. Zocor is among the group of drugs called HMG CoA reductase inhibitors or "statins" that is used to reduce levels of bad cholesterol and triglycerides in the blood and at the same time used to increase levels of good cholesterol. While this drug can correct the levels of our cholesterol, it brings complications to the muscles. Rare types of muscle injuries known as myopathy and rhabdomyolsis are said to be the complications brought by this drug. We must watch out!

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Cheep At The SHRIM Ball

I've shared several photos of Cheep already taken at their SHRIM Ball but there are still more photos left to share. I might share it one by one for Orange Tuesday as she was sporting an orange gown that night.

My share for OT today would be this picture of her with her closest friends in school.

Can you point which among these lovelies is Cheep? There are two ladies wearing orange gown in the picture and one of the two is Cheep. She wanted so much to wear a pink gown that night but it wasn't materialized because we were short on budget. We bought new accessories and the cost of it eat up our budget easily. It was a good thing I kept the orange gown that I wore on our induction night last 2008 which was posted here for Cheep were able to wear for thier SHRIM ball. Another good thing was the fitted her built very well.

Saturday, August 6, 2011

Howard Miller Clocks on Sale

Looking for floor clocks? Bring out the uniqueness of your home with Howard Miller's modernized floor and grandfather clocks. Howard Miller is known to be the best floor clocks manufacturer there is. The clocks they manufacture are of best quality and craftsmanship that are built to last and be enjoyed by the whole family. Check out Howard Miller Clocks Sale!

Friday, August 5, 2011

Cheep and Her Batch Mates

It's my sister again who stars my Pink Fridays post but this time she's with her batch mates. This was how they brightly painted our school campus pink with their bright pink batch T-shirt. I was green with envy. Joke!

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Group Study, Is It?

My youngest sister Cheep dragged her classmates one day in my place for a group study. It happened by the end of March when they were super busy with all the projects they need to pass for the finals. I didn't know that Cheep saved some of their photos in my computer while they had their group study.

I was upstairs facing my computer all the while they were downstairs. I didn't like my sister's classmates to feel awkward by my presence so I didn't bother them downstairs so they can thoroughly do their group study. At first, they were so quite. I even wondered what kind of group study they were doing.  The group study that I've known and experienced was done verbally where each of us, students, exchanged thoughts and ideas by voicing them all out. There were even clean debates.  
They remained silent at that when later on they got too noisy like giggling and laughing. When I checked them out, they were watching a teen movie - She's The Man. Group study, huh? It was a group study over a teen movie. Lol! They were even munching some home-made fries while watching the movie.

Teenagers eh? It was fun having my sister's classmates at the house. I could tell my sister enjoyed their company so much. I am just glad she made friends with quite good students in her school. Although they messed up their group study that day at my place, I knew they've passed the finals for they are now in the second year of their course. I wish them all the best, most especially to my sister.

Monday, August 1, 2011

Professional Web Design

My youngest sister whom I introduced into blogging about two years ago now feels like getting back into blogging. But she asked me one thing though. She asked me to create a new blog design for her blog to attract back her enthusiasm for blogging. Her current blog design theme is all pink and now she wants me to add other cute colors to it saying she started being passionate to other colors. She said she loves not just pink now that she had grown up. She started to notice the cuteness of purple and the brightness of colors yellow and orange.

I browsed online for blog design ideas. I do that when my creativity is blocked due to too much thinking of problems in my offline life.  As I browsed, I came across web design ipswich. The site has professional web designs that are perfect for professional web sites of all niche. If you plan to start a website for your businesses, you must check it out. The designs I saw at the said site are not what I am looking for my sister's blog though for those are professional design. I need a cute blog design that suits best for a teenager. This purplish theme shown in the screen shot above is not bad. Gladly I came up with a cute idea from it for my sister's blog. I might create one for her once all my important works are done.

July 2011 Top Commentators

It was like yesterday when July started yet here again a new month had just approached. And as a new month approaches, I would like to take this whole blog post to thank those who have left comments in this blog last month. Thank you so much dearies!

Dhemz (7)
chubskulit (5)
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anne (4)
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I wish to see you again in my list by the end of this month.

The 2 Chies Plus Chiz

I have another set of photos here of my sisters in their cute tube tops. Together with them in the pictures is my cute Chizka. She was trying to copy my sisters silly and model-like poses for the camera. Who says Chiz can't strike model-like poses like my sisters do? Here are the photos:

I, the big sister took these pictures. I would like to share these to:

mytotsexactly CIB Monday