Saturday, July 30, 2011

Check Out Little Jasmine Therapies in Brighton

How nice it is to lie on a very comfortable massage table. When was the last time I laid my stressed body on that table? It was quite a long time ago. Although I just had two sessions of head and back massages just these past two weeks, still it couldn't beat the comfort offered in spa houses. One spa that I am so curious to try is a Brighton Spa called Little Jasmine that offers an amazing mix of unique treatments for your body and soul for a perfect physical and emotional relief and relaxation. Some of the massages it offers are couples massage, four-hands, hot stones and deep tissue massage. Aside from body and soul pampering, this Brighton spa as well offers beauty treatments like facials, pedicure and manicure and others. How nice would it be to indulge yourself with little jasmine therapies and come out from this spa house completely treated? All these treatments are offered at affordable rates but at luxury level as they are committed to giving the best treatment ever and offering affordable luxury to every client.

PF: Pink Addict

There are several happenings that happened in my life lately. Most of the happenings were bad ones but I'm still lucky to have faced and experienced the bad side of life for it just made me stronger. Life goes on...

and so here is my pink!

It's Cheep again in the pictures. She's wearing all pink in the pictures except her pants. Well, what do you expect from a pink addict? This is the good thing of her neglecting her blog for I can steal her photos of her in pink and share them in this blog instead. But I do hope she'll get back into blogging once she gets time and when she gets her new lappy - if the cash in my account permits. I do want to get her a new laptop or a net book so I could rest from her bugging when she needs to do an online research for school projects. We'll pray.

Free to Play Flash Games

If you are looking for a site where you can play flash games for free, visit Free Flash Games. The site has a list of fun arcade games you can play without obligation like mario games, sonic games and taxi games. The site as well has a list of most played games. One that I like best in the list is super mario flash. Come and check it out!

Friday, July 22, 2011

Pink Fridays: Steno Notebook slash Debtors' Book

It's Friday again pals! It is time to share something pink. Before I go down to watch tonight's episode of Secret Garden, I leave my pink share first.

It's my pink steno notebook! I miss using this for our stenography class. I had this last 2009 when I was still taking Office Management and stenography was then one of our subjects. From that year, I only consumed half of the pages of this notebook. I still have it but it's now used as debtors' notebook. It's where I record the names of those who borrowed cash from me. Although most of them are so hard to catch now, I think it's wise to still keep the record so one day, if ever their foreheads bump into mine, I can show them how much they have paid so far.

Read Daily Inspirational Quotes

Do you lack inspiration today? Why not add reading Daily Inspirational Quotes to your routine everyday? I do that daily while sipping my first cup of smoking hot black coffee in the morning and before touching my computer mouse to start my online work. A line of inspirational quote helps me be inspired and be enthusiastic in starting my work everyday. It might help you too!

GT: My Birthday Wishes

I almost forgot it was Thursday about 2 hours ago. It was time for Girls Talk! Haist, I am quite loaded with online works that I had skipped thinking about memes. I actually still have some things left to do plus I'm tuning in You Tube for this current K-drama that had awakened my interest but I am not complaining. I even like it especially the online works.

I like posting memes on the exact date but since the linky for Girls Talk participants is still up, I still can participate although I am late for it. Today in Girls Talk, we will be talking about birthday wishes. Yay, I am turning a year older this year and this year's addition to my age makes it closer to the last date in a calendar. I fret for I am not getting any younger and I still can't come up with what really is it that I want to do in my life. I can't just forever depend on somebody. On the other hand, I am happy with the fact that I was just blessed with a year of fresh air to breath, a year of life and will be given another beginning.

My wishes for my coming birthday this year would be simple and not materialistic. First would be strength. Since I am facing a complicated situation, strength would be best to ask for so that I can strongly handle the typhoons that are currently striking in our family and in my personal life and oh, in my marriage. I wish to continue handling these hardships in a calm yet positive manner as I've been.  Of course, next to strength would be good health. That's why I say no to smoking now!Seriously.

Prohormones for Muscle Growth

Muscled men with good looks usually grab a woman's attention. They are called the real Adonises walking on the real land, the ideal men. I would say muscles are total plus points for me to add to a person's likable attitude. No wonder I fell deeply to my husband at the first meeting with that perfect built and pleasant attitude combined. Wink!

Although some would say it is not about the looks or appearances that we fall in love with but it is the appearance that our pair of fancies fall on first. It is what we see first. It is one thing where we grab impressions from about a person and it is undeniable that we feel safe and secure when wrapped in those pair of muscled arms. That's why most men would go beyond gym routines and exercises by taking muscle growth supplements like prohormones just to reach the perfect built. I heard prohormones is by far the strongest and the most effective muscle growth supplements legally sold on the market. What are gyms and body supplements for anyway? They are mediums for attaining the Adonis-like body. Man, do you want to try?

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Mary Kay Beauty Items at SAHMone’s Post Blogversary Giveaways

I learned about this giveaway just today from one of the blogs I subscribed to,which is one of Mitch's blogs - the blogging mom who hosts SAHMone's Post Blogversary Giveaways. I got excited upon learning that the beauty items she is giving away are Mary Kay products. Just few months ago, I received an invitation from a friend in Florida to sell these products here in the Philippines but I didn't bite the idea because the capital was something I couldn't afford from earning meager income online. I might do it in the future after trying the products and after saving some bucks in my account.

Now that this giveaway is up, I am trying my luck to bag these beauty items so I could try. It is so generous of Mitchteryosa to give away all these beauty must-haves.  Check out the prizes!

Mary Kay beauty items to be given away:
Desk mirror, Nourishine “Sweet Raisin” Lip Gloss, Full Coverage “Ivory 200 Liquid Foundation”, 2 pcs. Red Rouge Creme Lipstick sampler, 2 pcs. Toffee Caramel Creme Lipstick sampler and 2 sets of Timewise Microdermabrasion Refine and Replenish

This contest runs until July 30 so you still have enough days left to join. International bloggers can join as long as they can provide Philippine address. Come and join now!

Hog Roast Hire Essex

Are planning to prepare a hog roast for your upcoming party? You must check out Terry Parker's hog roast hire essex. In our country, a birthday party wouldn't be completed without a hog roast or two. Well, it's not just for a birthday party but a hog roast as well completes other occasions such as wedding and christening. It's as well best served for Christmas and even for simple functions and gatherings. When you prepare a hog roast to a party, the main impression you'll get from the guests is that you are preparing a grand party.  A hog roast served on the table simply becomes the center of attraction among other dishes prepared. Although this food contributes fats and is usually blamed for to cause high blood yet its irresistible taste put these alarming thoughts away.

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Secret Garden Bath and Body Care in a Sexier Look

If you are a fan of Secret Garden fragrances and bath and body essentials by Victoria Secret, you must have been excited to receive your purchases of the products because they are now in bold and sexier bottles. Yes, secret garden scents and body essentials of Victoria Secret are newly dressed in a whole new look you'll surely love! Here, take a look to fill your fantasies. 

It was Love Spell refreshing body mist of Victoria Secret's Secret Garden scent that I've first tried. It was a gift I received from one of my blogging friends back in 2008. D&G light blue scent was then my favorite but I did like Love Spell too right when I first tried it. Recently, I received another gift from a friend which is the same scent that came all the way from Chicago. I love it! Love Spell has a sweet fruity fragrance with refreshing notes of cherry blossom, peach and white Jasmine that contrast the citrus-sy and slightly powerful  light blue scent of D&G. Love Spell is best for teens or young adults and for those who want to feel young. Make your order now of these sexy fragrances and body care at Victoria Secret.

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Sisters Are Now Okay

My sisters and I are okay now. If you've read my previous post, you would know that we, sisters, were in a verbal fight the other day at early in the morning and were in a silent fight the following day. Our fight really won't lasts for a long time and so we are very much okay now. We've even bonded just a while ago. The elder sisters helped the youngest in beautifying her notebooks by adorning scrapped papers and sticky labels on them. It was such a great bonding we've had.

SHRIM Intramural Shirt 2010

I only snatched this picture off my youngest sister's blog. The picture shows my youngest sister Cheep showing off her orange SHRIM shirt for their Intramural last year. I had and still have no idea why their department chose orange but it think it favored on my part for I have something to snatch and share for Orange Tuesday today.

To those who do not know yet, Cheep also has her own cute and (so) pink blog designed to be a record page of her life as a college student. She was active for the first two months in updating her blog. Since she has no computer, I just let use my computer since I had two back then before I punched my laptop's computer screen. She was so happy about her blog and was so enthusiastic in sharing her tales in there with me being used as an editor. The super pink theme of her blog also added to her enthusiasm. But due to the busy schedule in school, the blog was neglected. Her blog hasn't been touched since the latest post dated August 28, 2010 until now. Poor blog!

My share for:

Just Sprinke - Sensa Weight Loss Product

One of the things that we, women worry about is our figure. As much as we could, we would try to have a slender body not only because it is sexy but because it is fit and healthy. It is easy to attain for some women to have and preserve a slender figure but to some, it's hard. That's why, aside from doing daily exercises, we are as well curious to try every weight loss supplement available with a hope to gain effective result.

Just a while ago, I found a very interesting weight loss product called Sensa. Sensa is different from those usual weight loss products that we are used to for this particular weight loss product is not a pill. It is in a form of powder which you'll just have to sprinkle over your foods to keep you from over-eating. Isn't it interesting? Now I wonder how this sensa weight loss product tastes like on food.

Monday, July 18, 2011

Silent Fight Between Sisters

The three Chies were in a verbal fight early morning today. It was just a little verbal fight. It was because Cheem came over at my place around three in the morning with a guy that is unknown to us. She said they've thought of stopping over to catch some sleep after watching a live play of  local bands here in Dipolog City. I didn't ask where the play was for my mind were focused on asking who the guy was for it was not the boyfriend that she introduced to us. It was just a random guy that we don't know. She said they've been friends for a while now and that they've just bumped into each other while at the concert hall.  Also, Cheem said the guy knows our youngest sister Cheep for they are attending in the same school.

As a normal reaction, I was a bit cold in entertaining them for my sleep was disturbed just because of this random guy. It would have been fine for me if it was just Cheem coming late in my place for I am used to that behavior of hers already. I let Cheep entertainment them and prepare the other room for the visitor. Cheep all along was silent while Chem was explaining to me. Later, the guy might have felt shame due to my cold welcome, he left. The three of us then left lying on the bed exchanging words. We, three end up saying painful words to each other. Then we slept. We got up late today in a silent fight.

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Real Estate Investment

Investing on properties is a great way to put your money on because these are something that will never perish. Many years may pass by but the properties are still there in the same manner when you've purchased them but the value of each goes up making you get a possible profit from your investment. There are many real estates you can run to when you plan on acquiring and investing on properties like bentleyforbes. Bentleyforbes is founded on 1993 by the Wehba's and is one of the fastest growing real estate investment companies nowadays that handles acquisition, ownership and management of Class A office buildings, hotel properties and other high-quality facilities throughout the US. It as well offers help on the acquisition of commercial and residential properties. Nowadays when money is easily spent in just a blink, we must put it on good use and investing on properties so far is the best medium of securing it aside from saving it in a bank.

Friday, July 15, 2011

Pink Hair Curlers, Anyone?

Here is the closer look of that pink hair curlers we've used for our instant curly hair that lasted only a day.
Now I am torn between the decision of having my hair curled or stretched but with a color? I am thinking of a shade of navy blue. Hmn? I honestly missed having a curly hair. It 's been like decades ago when I had my hair curled. Curly hair seems out of trend nowadays though but I am so tried of my straight hair. I want change...for a change. Lol! Just recently, my sisters had their hair stretched and me having my hair curled would break our pact.  My sisters and I made a pact since we were little that whatever the hairstyle of one, would be the hairstyle of all. I think I have to talk to them before coming up with a decision.

Who is Joe Petrashek?

Joe Pertashek is the person behind Starscapes which he founded back in 1979. Now what is starscapes? Have you heard about it before? Starscapes is a product that turns your plain painted ceiling into a starry sky at night with the use of a special luminescent paint. It could be installed in your home ceiling. Many have used it nowadays not only for homes but to big buildings like hotels. It's like magic for the ceiling appears normal and ordinary during the day and automatically transforms into a relaxing view of a starry sky in the dark. The founder Joe Petrashek pulled his inspiration to creating this magnificent work of art from the beautiful night sky of Arizona mountains and later, after spenidng several years on research and discoveries, he brought the beauty into homes and buildings through Starscapes. Starscapes is not a glow-in-the-dark thing but an art that requires skills and special materials to attain.  According to what I've read, you can bring a constellation of stars into your home ceiling yourself if you have the Starscapes package and could even turn it into a home-based business.

Bob Beck Sales Expert

Bob Beck Sales Expert. To take your sales profession to a new level it means commitment. Commitment is a mindset, it is a learned trait. You make up your mind to achieve your goals, to become a successful sales expert, and you stop making excuses or justifying why you can’t be where you want to be.

Adam Kutner

Adam Kutner. It seems that the vast majority of accidents – both industrial and accidents that happen on the road – are entirely preventable. This applies to riding a motorcycle as well. Even though a motorcycle is a very dependable machine, it does provide a lot less protections when it comes to collisions compared to cars.


With your Starscapes StarBiz program, you'll create thousands of stars, constellations, Milky Way galaxy, and even comets and shooting stars. Even deep sky objects, normally not seen with the naked eye, can be seen. Young boys may even see spaceships, while girls might discover fairies or angels! Relaxing, romantic stress-relieving and educational. For homes, hotels, motels, B&B's, and getaway resorts.

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Join "Jes is Thirty Birthday Giveaway"!

I've just found out about Jes' Birthday Giveaway today. If I hadn't hopped on my blogger friends profiles on Facebook, I wouldn't know about it. I do not know what really is the exact date of her birthday but I would take this opportunity to greet her a happy and joyous birthday. Happy birthday to you Jes! Stay pretty and sassy as you are even at 30.

As much as I can remember, I only have simple birthdays. I didn't have a debut where a debutant wears fancy gown and receives 18 roses. But I never fret for celebrating my birthdays in a simple way for it's all we could afford. What matters is I am surrounded by people who love me every birthday. If I am to recall on the most memorable birthday I've ever had, it would be my 22nd birthday because it was the very first birthday I celebrated as a wife. I felt so complete and so full of love that day for I was surrounded by family and loved-ones. Although we celebrated that day with only few and simple dishes on the table, the happiness I've felt was immeasurable.

How about you? What's your most memorable birthday? Answer that question to enter Jes is Thirty Birthday Giveaway.


Biweekly Administrator that Works on Any Kinds of Loans

Living in States is expensive, that's what I've heard from those who have lived there. Well it can be but I would say the term expensive only applies if you have no stable job that earns you stable income to pay necessary payments like mortgages and other kinds of loans. Monthly payment of interest to a property conveyed for a loan could be a heavy burden to carry because failure to pay the certain amount at a given period of time would end up to foreclosure. Foreclosure of properties is something one won't allow to happen.

I heard some banks offer bi-weekly plans on loans but there are disadvantages to that. It would end you up getting the same effect of monthly plan. It would be better to get the service of a bi-weekly administrator. One of the nation's largest and most recognized bi-weekly administrator that works on any kinds of loans is Nationwide Biweekly Administration. This administrator specializes in payment processing, marketing and advertising. It takes pride in its leading program called Interest Minimizer that helps eliminate interest charges off your loans of any kinds. It provides service that helps you and works for you. Its highly trained costumer service representatives look out only for your best interest and not of the lenders. So if you are close to foreclosure, better call NBA now!

Girls Talk: Best Birthday Gift

I think all gifts are best. They may be expensive or not, big or small, they are all best. As what they said, it is the thought that counts. But if I have to choose among the birthday gifts I've received so far, it would be the Dolce and Gabbana Light Blue scent given to me by hubby on my birthday last 2008.

It truly was a lovely gift that was wrapped in pink gift wrapper with pink ribbon and pink card. When I opened it, surprised! It was my all-time favorite scent. I choose this particular gift not because it is the most costly gift but because of the thought. Hubby knew my Light Blue scent was almost empty. Also, he knows this particular scent is my all-time favorite scent and blue is my all-time favorite color.

In Building A Business Website

I just checked the online business sites where I am associated at. Still, after a year, I still don't make good sales. Why is it so hard to levitate income through these online stuffs, or is it just me? I've been active to the sites for several months. I've promoted my product listings to several networking sites but to no avail. I am more enthusiastic on promoting fragrances and custom printed shirts. So far, there were few who bothered to purchase which made me get only few percentage from the sales. It's just too meager of an amount to receive from each product though it is me who do the bridging between the buyer and the owner. Now I wonder how it's like to create own business online.

Many of my friends in one social networking site started building pages to promote their products while some took the risk in investing on building online business sites. I think the latter idea stands out because it sounds more professional. Turning into owning an online business would be hard too, I know. There are lots of things to consider and risks to take. Putting in the investment would be biggest risk of all and next would be the random fees for the site's visibility like the domain, hosting and professional web design. Other fees would fall on the service fee for professional site developers. But before putting up a website for your business, owner should consider getting CRO. CRO or conversion rate optimization helps check who your potential clients would be and what would they look for in your website.

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Early Phone Ring

A ringing phone woke me and Cheep up early morning today. It was around 3:00 am and I have just fallen into slumber. I woke up after few rings but was too tired to get up. So Cheep did the favor to entertain whoever the caller was. She got  up and answered the phone in a sleepy and quite annoyed voice. I was about to say something bad about the caller who seemed unaware of how it is to be disturbed at early dawn when she called out Cheem's name and this time in a jovial voice. Cheem was outside my unit and couldn't get in for the door was locked. The then sleepy and annoyed us seemed possessed by a happy spirit that we both rushed to the door. We were so happy to see her but were wondering what lovely shoes brought her that early. Cheem said she just stopped by to see us before she goes to somewhere. Haist, there goes Cheem again. She goes where she goes and we couldn't stop her. She said she'll be back after a week.

Monday, July 11, 2011

Black Gibi School Shoes

Gibi is the brand I trust when it comes to footwear. I started liking shoes from Gibi back in 2005 or 06. I was in Manila then looking for dimes to buy some pricey stuffs. Lol! My first destination then when in a mall is Gibi's. Until now, I still have a heart for Gibi shoes. Gladly, some stores here in this little city I reside sell various types of footwear by Gibi and even bags and apparels. I introduced the brand to my sisters and they as well like the comfort and the quality of the shoes.

This shoes in the picture is a latest buy. I got it for my youngest sister Cheep as her school shoes. She loves it! It's a perfect pair to her black school uniform.

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mytotsexactly CIB Monday

Making Soy Milk

Soy bean is a good source of protein. It has a lot of uses. It can be processed into oil, flour, extenders, meat and dairy substitutes and foods for infants which are called infant formulas. As much as possible, I incorporate soy beans to my daily diet. A glass of soy milk a day would do. Do you know that you can make home-made soy milk? With the use of Soyapower Plus Soy Milk Maker, Making Soy Milk is now convenient.

Saturday, July 9, 2011

Purple Vanity Kit

In the picture above is my purple vanity kit. It's one of the prizes I won in one of the contests I had joined online.  Purple to girls/women I think is the second most-loved color next to pink. I just noticed its beauty lately. I begun to like the color when everyone in my batch talked about it and chose it as the color of our shirt. Unfortunately, there were no purple t-shirt in our area during that time so we had no choice but to choose the safest color which is white. I wonder about the real color of purple though. How it differs to violet? I did a research and the results were quite the same. Well whether it's purple or violet, I find the colors cute.

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PhotobucketLife and then Som

Friday, July 8, 2011

Pink "Batch" T-Shirt

Cheep leads in my "Pink Fridays" post again. I cannot remember if I've posted this picture in here already because this picture was taken about 6 months ago. Maybe I did but I am too lazy to check my archives now. The picture is obviously a self-shot of hers. She was wearing their batch t-shirt for our school reunion last   December 2010. It was my youngest sister's first alumni homecoming experience and that year favored quite much on her side because their batch president chose pink as the color of their t-shirt. She was overjoyed when her classmate handed her the shirt then boasted it to me.

$800 Birthday Giveaways by Pinay WAHMS

Three great mommies in the blog land are celebrating their birthdays this month of July. The three of them decided to host a combined birthday contest to giveaway more prizes to the winners. Aren’t they great? They’ve gathered awesome amount of cash and prizes to giveaway that is worth of $800. So come and join!

Pinay WAHMs' $800 Giveaway




$100 CASH


$80 CASH


$60 CASH





This giveaway ends this July 31, 2010. To join, click on the pink contest badge above.

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Girls Talk: Birthday Trivia

I’ve been an inactive player in Girls Talk for two months. I was just busy with other online thing plus I had a 3-week leave. Also during that time, I focused more on updating my new blog Online Abode, which is a self-hosted blog and so far my effort had paid off beautifully for it gained a rank in just three months. That or the PR update is just messing up with me. Lol!

Since it’s a new month, Girls Talk has a new set of themes or topics. For this week, the theme is ‘birthday trivia’. The host came up with a little game. I followed the few instructions and here’s my share:

December 22 is the 356th day of the year (357th in leap years) in the Gregorian calendar. There are nine days remaining until the end of the year.
Here are some results of my search for December 22:

1986 – Dennis Armfield, Australian footballer (we have the same birth date)
1989 – Jordin Sparks, American singer (I like this singer)
1996 – Makisig Morales, Filipino child actor (he can sing too)
1998 – G. Hannelius, American child actress

Holiday and Observances:
Armed Forces Day (Vietnam)
Christian Feast Day:
  • Anastasia of Sirmium (Orthodox church)
  • Frances Xavier Cabrini
  • O Rex
  • December 22 (Eastern Orthodox liturgics)
Mother's Day (Indonesia)
Unity Day (Zimbabwe)

According to "Poke my Birthday":

My lucky days are Monday (Conceivement date, my parents decided to not to have an abortion, I was born) and Tuesday (My first cell is built, my mother suspected she was pregnant, my heart beat for the first time). I am exactly 24 years 29 weeks 20 hours 29 minutes 35 seconds old.

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Stickers Printing Service

Do you wonder where to get sticker prints for your personal use and for your business at reasonable prices? Check out Vistaprint. Vistaprint offers printing on different kinds of stickers such as personal stickers, bumper stickers, business card stickers, product labels and mailing labels. You can create the stickers yourself right at the site in just minutes by simply browsing through the designs provided. Shapes and styles of stickers are already provided by Vistaprint, so you’ll just simple choose what you prefer. You can also upload your own pictures or your own designs for a more personalized touch. Vistaprint offers fast shipping so expect to receive your printed stickers in just few days.

Monday, July 4, 2011

When Little Sisters Are No Longer Little

Time had swiftly passed by. Before I knew it, the little sisters whom I used to cradle to sleep have grown up into lovely ladies. Chem just turned 21 yrs. old last May 15 this year while Cheep turned 18 on December last year. They are no longer little babies, that realization just came in my mind today while looking at this picture below.

Chem and Cheep

These two who used to be mere sucking babies have been under my care. I used to put them to sleep on their swing. I used to prepare their bottles of milk. I used to pacify and carry them when they cry. I used to be a post during their first walking lesson. I used to take them with me to the plaza when they learned how to walk. And...I used to get scoldings from mother when they get hurt. In short, I was my sisters’ nanny for I was big enough by the time they were born to lend my helping hands to our mother. Therefore, it is not a question why I am so close to them for I have my hands down in giving them love and care.

Now, they are both grown-ups. They've grown to be quite fussy though but to tell you, they have used their arms when they were kids as sponge to quickly aid running nose. (Peace sissies!) I used to do that too...there you go. Lol! Anyway, even though they are no longer the fragile babies I used to carry, I can't stop myself from worrying for I know I can't protect them from the different kinds of bad things this world can offer. Although they are already grown-ups who know what's right and wrong, I still worry. But it is really like that I think. When your little sisters are no longer little, all you can do is to be happy for them or to be worried...and then give advice or lend a shoulder to them when what you've worried about come true.

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mytotsexactly CIB Monday

Saturday, July 2, 2011

Zoloft Side Effects

I mentioned in one of my previous posts about an anti-depressant that has several side effects.  Aside from that anti-depressant, there is another anti-depressant drug called Zoloft. This drug is used to treat depression, obsessive compulsive disorder, premenstrual dysphonic disorder and others. Like any other drugs, Zoloft as well has side effects. To name the few of zoloft side effects are dizziness, nausea, loss of appetite and diarrhea. These mentioned are just the common side effects of Zoloft. Serious side effects that patients would experience while taking this medication are bleeding or easy bruising, muscle cramps, weakness and decreased sexual ability. The most serious side effect of this drug is birth defects. Many studies have already proven it. Pregnant women must consider their baby’s health first before taking any drugs such as this.

Now For That Instant Curl

Here are the results of that Strong-hold Hair Styling Spray that we applied to our hair curled in pink curlers. My little sister's hair curled beautifully and neatly. She let it flow down without combing.
While mine's a little messed up for I combed it. Still, I like the waves. I might get my hair truly curled one of these days.
Curling our hair is the first hairstyle that would come to our mine when we have to attend to special gatherings because it is easy to do. Most special school gatherings that I went to during college, I attended with a curly hair. Just recently, I personally curled my littler sister's hair for their SHRIM ball.

Friday, July 1, 2011

GiftAuto Handles Facebook Gift Requests

It’s been a long time now since I last played few of my favorite games in Facebook. It is because approving and giving gifts back to my co-players take quite much of my time. For sure some of you Facebook games addicts can relate. Approving gifts and giving gifts back to your friends one by one is bothersome. Earlier, I came across GiftAuto, a software that can handle all your Facebook gift requests. It auto-checks your Facebook games which means it do the works such as gifting-back and receiving gifts for you even when you're sleeping. You can download it for fee and try it yourself.

The Three Chies' Top Commenters - June 2011

sHeNgKaY (9)
Sheryl of (4)
""rare*jonRez"" (1)
Jean Soo (1)
Kayce (1)
bluedreamer27 (1)
Dhemz (1)
harjeet (1)
Techie She (1)

To this blogs top commenters last June, thank you so much for stopping by and leaving lines to my posts even though I didn't update this blog that much. Now that this blog has PR2, I'll try my best to keep it and hopefully to get more. I am so happy and inspired right now! Again, thanks a bunch top commenters!

Curling Hair With Pink Curlers and Hair Spray

Bored one night, my sister and I decided to curl our hair. That idea popped when we both spotted the Strong-hold Hair Styling Spray. Since bored of watching too much drama on TV shows, we came up with the same idea and that is to curl our hair.
So I got my pink curlers ready and did my little sister's hair first. Doing it is very simple. Just grab a group of hair strands enough to fit the curler and curl it on. Then spray enough amount of hair styling spray over it. Don't spray too much or it will take a long time for the hair to curl. Just enough amount.

You can do either big waves or little waves. That's all up to you. We did big wave curls because our curlers were outnumbered. We didn't wonder, my sis and I are both thick-haired.
My sister didn't do a great job on my hair but my hair did curl. After an hour or more, we took off the hair curlers and let our instantly curled hair to freely wave down. Haist, it's been a long long time since I and my little sisters truly had our hair curled. We kind of miss that hair style.
I posted a picture of our wavy hair in here. I'll post more pictures next time.

Pregnant Women Should Avoid Paxil

Paxil is known to be one of the most effective anti-depressants there is. It is available in generic form called paroxetine. It is effective yes but early conducted studies said this medication has numerous side effects. One of those side effects is birth defects. This anti-depressant can cause birth defects when taken by pregnant women and risks of defects are higher when taken during the 3 months of pregnancy. There is not just one Paxil Lawsuit filed against this drug but many after the results of two later studies came out confirming it can increase the risks of having babies born with birth defects and other side effects like craniosynostosis, club foot, limb abnormalities and persistent pulmonary hypertension. This medication should be avoided most especially by pregnant women.