Saturday, April 30, 2011

Find A Nanny Online

Do you know that you can find sitters and nannies online? I just found out about it today. There are websites that offer online nanny services like sittercity. is named as the best nanny/sitter referral service among the many. It offers not only house sitters and kids sitters/nannies but a lot more such as dog walkers, pet sitters, tutors and even elder care providers. Check out the site if you need the mentioned services and take advantage of the sittercity promo code.

Friday, April 29, 2011

GT: Tech-ie Talk, Drooling for Toshibas!

Toshiba! Anything Toshiba is what I love. For now, I would go for those gadgets that I need the most, something that is beneficial and useful, something that could be a money-making mate. It would be either a new Toshiba net book or a new Toshiba tablet that will come out soon in the market.

Toshiba Mini NB300
This one would keep me update my blog anywhere I go. This is a great mate for those who love to travel to places. The size is very convenient to carry anywhere, plus it's Toshiba!

Meet The Toshiba Tablet
I really need to bug my husband with this. This one is much convenient to carry anywhere. I super want this new baby. Hopefully, the price for this one would not be very expensive so my Paypal account can afford. Hubby said I'll have my new babies soon but I wonder how soon though. If I receive either of the two, I'll be happy but if I receive these two, I'll be very happy. Lol! I hope superman can get to read this post.

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Share-a-Thrift Hunt 002: Clear Shampoo, Buy 1 free 1

One good thing I learned lately is to save. When buying groceries, I would look for stuffs that are on the sale rack or stuffs that can give me discounts. This is a new me, which is very far from the old Chie who leaves the budgeting and the grocery listing to the husband. I never experienced budgeting the grocery money or writing down the stuffs we needed the most before running to the grocery store before. I left it all to hubby. Now, I learned...and that goes with learning how hard it is to budget the money if you do not have many.

Thrift Hunting Meme

So here's my latest thrift find, which I am so proud of. Lol!

I only paid for one bottle of shampoo and got the other one for free. It is a thrift find isn't it? If you've been to the store where I thrift-hunted this stuff, you would know how crazy the place is. It's always packed with buyers and little store retailers anytime of the day. The line to the casher is freaking long but if you want to save some pennies off your purchases, the store is the right place. As to what their radio commercial says, Vallecer is for smart buyers.

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Body Builders' Supplements

Body builders sure have a hard time modifying their body with all those intense body building exercises if they don’t take Bodybuilding Supplements. One of those intense exercises that body builders do is muscle hypertrophy. It is a form of body modification that enlarges the size of muscle cells in the body. I bet body builders continue doing such exercises everyday until they reach their preferred muscle size. Even women do body building. I do admire those women who have guts to throw away their feminine structure just to embrace a strong, muscled body although I wonder what’s running in their mind. Do you think they are healthy having a body builder’s body?

Thursday, April 21, 2011

GT: Brown and Collared For Clothing

I'm into collared tops. I am just comfortable wearing with collars. Aside from that, collared tops make me feel superior. Lol. Currently, this one's in my buy list.

It is Forver 21's short breasted trench. The color is just perfect! I always have my eyes on brown when it comes to clothing. This trench by the ways costs $32.80 at Forever 21. I am currently saving for this. I might get this once I get my domains renewal settled. I would love to buy something using my own money this time and currently I'm striving. I hope this trench can wait. 

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Sale for her:Nine West Carrie Bradshaw Pump

This is just so beautiful! Get discount off this lovely pump's original price now!

Carrie Bradshaw-esque Pump by Nine West
From $79 to $59 with free shipping and return

This black patent beauty surely is a beautiful addition to your shoe rock. To you all pump lovers out there this is your chance to own this beautiful shoes. This pump is available in 5 colors: black patent, limestone, brown suede, black suede and brown leather. Come and grab the chance to own one now and take 24% off its original price of $79. Click here to visit the store while it is still available. 

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

The Diet Solution

Dieting sometimes could be very frustrating because even how much you try there is still no result. I’ve experienced a lot of frustrations with dieting. I tried cutting back on my food intakes for weeks and months but I gained negative results. It was like starving my self for nothing. So I decided to stop the starvation. Instead I stuck to The Diet Solution, which is the proper way of dieting. I started eating a lot of healthy foods and started doing proper home exercises everyday.

MM: Breath Easy by Blue

"I can't dream yet another dream without you lying next to me, there's no air"
"I can't breath easy."

This is a Live video of them singing the song. 
For the official music video, you can only watch it on Youtube. 
Click here to watch the official MV. It's a must-watch. 

I miss this group. They were one of my favorites back then. I was saddened when I first learned about their part ways. They should've stayed together but oh well, each wanted to embrace fame individually. They were just awesome as well as their music and this right here, Breath Easy, was one of my favorites. Hearing this song again brings back a lot of memories of the year 04, the yelling and giggling over them on TV, a year before they split up.

The Blue Group - Bristish Pop Boy Band: formed in 2001, split in 2005

Lee Ryan (my sisters' idol, he's got the highest voice)
Duncan James (my favorite among them - the guy who sang first in the video above)
Antony Costa (so cute with his whiskers)
Simon Webbe (the black guy..i find him hot)

They are all handsome and have powerful voices. The three Chies love almost all their songs but this particular song featured here today for Music Monday is exclusively my favorite. The song has a meaning, a deep meaning and for sure somebody can relate to it.

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Sunday, April 17, 2011

Huh? The New Three Chies?

It seems like I am crashed out from the 3 chies because a new leader came in with cuteness so attention-grabbing. This cute leader had mesmerized my young chies and so I am no longer in the picture. I just can’t top its charm that is so irresistible and I could only cry.

Here are the cute photos of them three.

I am pink with happiness upon the sight of these pictures of my cute chies. I am smiling yellow remembering how happy we were during the time I took these photos. It rarely happens that the 3 Chies bond and Chizka simply added sky blue fun to it. Now I miss Cheem and her jokes as she is the joker among the three of us. I just hope she'll show up on her birthday.

Red Wine Makes Me Feel Fine

Red wine is my mate when I feel like drowning myself with liquor alone or with few special friends. I like to have glasses of red wine too when chilling and/or watching random shows on TV. I like red wine because it does not strike me down fast unlike beer, which is also too heavy on the stomach. Red wine does make me feel fine and it would be nice to get wine by the case to stock my fridge. Well, I still have a bottle of sparkling grape wine here untouched. It is great for celebrating a victory but there is no victory I need to celebrate though. I think that sparkling grape wine can wait.

Friday, April 15, 2011

Cheep in Her Pink Tee at Home

Happy Pink Friday everyone. It is time to show something pink again. Today, I am sharing photos of my youngest sister in her pink tee. This is how she looks like when she's just at home chilling.

She kicks me off the computer sometimes to play computer games, to check her Facebook account and to chat with foreigners....shhhhh! Buking! Lately she implied about this notebook sale in Lee Plaza. I know she wants one. I told her if she could suffer hunger with me for four month then we could buy that notebook. Lol!

Thursday, April 14, 2011

GT: Biggest Fan of Sandra Bullock

Last week in girls talk, the girls talked about foods to die for but I was not able to join because I was pretty occupied with something. Today, we'll share about a celebrity that we adore. 

Mine is Sandra Bullock.
Thanks for the beautiful wall paper. I got this from here

I first adored her in her movie Ms. Congeniality. It was also the very first movie of hers that I saw and since then she had become my idol. I liked her acting in that movie then being an unpleasant boyish police officer who turned into a beautiful darling during undercover. After watching some of her newer movies, I can say she was born to act. She acts naturally and portrays her roles genuinely as if she is that person she is portraying, as if there are no cameras surrounded her. Okay, to make it short, her acting is not OA like other stars in Hollywood. I also admired her strong approach toward the issues regarding her failed marriage. For sure she was sad about it but it was not the end of her world, which is what she showed to us in her smiles.

I badly want to watch her latest movie, The Blind Side but I'm always get beaten to it by early renters. I'll make sure to get some luck on it next time...grrr!

Hot New Tops at VS

Spring have already sprung in other areas of the world. Next to that would be summer. Here in the Philippines, we feel the heat of summer already. Many have already gone to the beach to cool down.

Since the temperature is heating up in all areas, we should as well help ourselves to minimize the heat by simply showing some flesh. Keep your cool all summer long in these bra-tops.

Sequin Banded-bottom Halter Bra

Sweetheart Bra Top

Stone-embellished Animal-print Halter Bra Top

Visit Victoria Secret now and save on your orders. Save $15 off your purchase of $100, $30 off $150 and $75 off $250. Use the offer code SPRING11 at checkout. 

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

A Banner or A Cake

Oh no, it is not my birthday today. I am just wondering though. What if your child’s birthday is coming up or your company’s big event is just two days away, what would you prioritize? Would you run first to a bakeshop for a birthday cake or to a banner printing shop for that attractive banner that will welcome the guests? I have a friend from my hometown who used to run to me for her daughter’s birthday banner. I used to accompany her to a nice shop here in the city that does a great banner printing job. So far, she never asked me yet for a birthday cake, just for a birthday banner. It just amazes me that even when she’s out of budget to host a big event, she would still go on with the planning. Then, she would just solicit just to give her daughter a nice birthday party.

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

The White Trend with a Tang of Gold

I feel like a new person. It is maybe because I haven’t smoked for two weeks now. Lol! I am purified from nicotine. And now I feel like a pure person…I dream on.

Since I feel pure, I am bringing along a trend of purity.

I did my thing again online; looking for great deals on shoes, bags and accessories and sometimes just looking for great girl must-haves and then talking about it to my husband. Even though I often get a negative response from him these days, it can’t stop me from trying my luck every time we talk. It sucks when your other half is getting better in saying no to you. Oh well, here are my picks!

These stuffs are in my wish list at I long for these stuffs, just long for ‘em and so I created this style. I hope you like it. This combination is wearable isn't it?

Baseball Tournament Tickets

To all baseball enthusiasts out there, you can now order tickets to the tournament of your favorite baseball team online. With this very fine weather, it is just right to go out and enjoy action-packed games such as baseball tournaments. Where to get tickets online? There is one place online that is known reliable when it comes to tickets. has tickets for the New York Yankees, the Philadelphia Phillies and the Los Angeles Dodgers tournament. It has the largest selection of tickets available to your favorite action-filled show. The three that were just mentioned are three of the biggest names in the world of baseball. Don’t ever miss such big event. Get your new york yankees tickets, phildelphia phillies tickets and los angeles dodgers tickets now!

Monday, April 11, 2011

Top Commenters and BB. Pilipinas Universe 2011

These are the list of bloggers who loved me the most last month, March 2011. Thank you so much my dears. I do appreciate your effort of leaving lines on my posts. Thank you a bunch!

RyHeAnNe (9)
simply kim (6)
Hazelicious929 (4)
darly (4)
Anne (4)
anne (4)
sHeNgKaY (4)
Stacy Uncorked (4)
K (4)
Vernz (3)

On the other hand, Shamcey Supsup, 24, a Magna Cum Laude graduate from the University of the Philippines College of Architecture was crowned BB. Pilipinas Universe 2011 last night during BB. Pilipinas pageant held at Araneta Coliseum. 

Photo not mine.

Shamcey Supsup bested other contestants using her weapons, beauty and brain. Aside from winning the title, she also bagged three special awards:

Best in Talent (Drawing)
Miss PAL
Miss Cream Silk.

The pageant was hosted by KC Conception and Derek Ramsay with previous BB. Pilipinas winners Miriam Quiambao and Precious Lara Quigaman.

Friday, April 8, 2011

Pink Nail File

It's just the handle that's pink, not the whole nail pile. I wonder if there's a pink metal. Anyway, this is my pink share today for Pink Fridays.

Since I do my own nails most of the time, a nail file is a must-have. So, I got mine, a fabulous one with pink handle. Yep, I do have my share of craziness toward pink stuffs too although I am not overly crazy like my  youngest sister. I've grown up! I am now torn between purple and pink. Lol!

Dealing With Depression

How do you deal with depression? Do you bow down to it or get up by taking anti-depressant drugs such as the prozac brand? How many of you preferred the latter? Does that kind of drugs help minimize the depression? We could say it helped you but too much anti-depressant could be bad to your health and could put your life at risk. One brand of anti-depressant drugs is prozac and as to what I learned, prozac has serious side effects including tremors, vomiting, hallucinations and uneven breathing. It is just clear that this anti-depressant drug could jeopardize one’s life. That’s why, pharmacies are no longer selling such drugs or else they'll face prozac lawsuit.

photo not mine

As for me, depression is an emotion that has right to conquer me. I might feel it sometimes but never will I let it rule and ruin my life. Every day in my life there are frustrations and despairs but if only I am that weak I’ve long been eaten by depression. Although there are reasons to be depressed in life, there are also a lot of reasons to be happy. The reality of our life is not just bed of rose petals but also a bed of thorns. So, I just endure the pain as much as I can and then after that, I see life on the brighter side where I can see happiness.

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Share-a-Thrift Hunt 001: Yellow Collared Blouse

Thrift Hunting Meme
This is my first time joining Thrift Hunt. I've been meaning to join this meme last week but it slipped my head. So today, I made sure I got my photos ready.

My first share is this yellow fitted blouse with detachable sash and bubble sleeves that I got from a thrift store for only Php120.00 or 2.78100 USD from the original price of Php150.00. 

This is a second hand blouse if you may ask. The color of this blouse caught my attention. When I looked at it closer I found out few features that let me decide to grab the blouse for check out. 

The buttons are goldy-lovey, bubble sleeves and the hanged hems are just great, the detachable sash can possibly give me some shape, and the fact that it is collared,  it is just totally awesome! Plus the price is good!

Rich and Skinny's Bikini Boyfriend Jeans

It seems like this new trend in bottom clothing will soon hit Philippine market or did it? Have you seen one wore this new design of skinny jeans? So far, I haven't seen one here in our area wearing this version of skinny. 

The above photo is Rich and Skinny's Bikini Boyfriend Jeans. It is available at shopbop for 209.00 USD. Looking at it, it is just a skinny jeans but with hem cuffed a little above the ankles. This could also be a long version of that so-called shortkinis.  I definitely can't and will never dare wear this one!

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Enjoy Pamper Party with Friends

Have you tried attending pamper parties? A pamper party or a spa party is a healthy way of celebrating a special occasion because you and your friends can get to enjoy spa treatment. Whatever the occasion is, it may be birthday, engagement party or a baby shower, pamper party is a great way to celebrate it. Pamper parties can also be enjoyed with your friends even without occasion. Simply call your friends up just to bond and have an awesome chitchat while pampered.

Monday, April 4, 2011

MM: One Hello by Freestyle

I am featuring again today the same band I featured last week, a Filipino band called Freestyle. I am currently hooked by their music. I got addicted that I kept listening to their songs. Although I don't hum along with their songs, I just love listening to it and feel it. Their voices can truly communicate one's heart. No wonder they are one of the highly rated Filipino music artists.

The song I share today is titled "One Hello". I think they only revived this song. I haven't heard the song sang by the original singer but I love the rendition of Jinky, this lady among the thorns, I mean the only lady in the Freestyle band.
'If you're not afraid of what love brings then endings are beginnings of beautiful things. It's a chance you take, a chance you'll win. If someone's gonna find you, first you gotta let them in coz love begins in one hello.' These are just few of the beautiful lines in this song. You gotta listen to it and feel it. Please hear this lady out! Happy MM!

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Sunday, April 3, 2011

All Pink For Summer

I did some surf shopping earlier to look for some awesome deals this summer. I first went to check Victoria Secret and I found this Belle Bandeau Top on sale as well as the low-rise bottom.

Orig. $26 - Sale $19
Orig. $20 - Sale $15

Isn't it a pretty pair of swim suit? I like its vertical stripes for it suits best to short ladies like me. The top comes with light removable padding and removable halter straps. It as well has an adjustable back closure.  The low-rise bottom has ruched side tabs and a moderate back coverage. To check the back view of the swimming suit just click on the photo.

Tie-front Strapless Cover-up - $38
Glitter Flip-flop 3 1/2" Wedge - $19 or get two for $30

When on the beach wearing that pair of swimming wear above, don't forget to bring cover ups and flipflops. These pink beach must-haves above are great companies.