Monday, January 31, 2011

Vertical Blinds at Cheap Prices

Blinds are best when used on glass windows. They are considered as modern alternatives for curtains. Just as mentioned before in my previous posts, I am planning to use blinds for my windows instead of curtains. With blinds, you can shrink it all the way up or to the side leaving you a very open view of the window unlike curtains. With curtains you have to tie the cloth up giving you a disturbed view outside your window. Well, don’t get me wrong. I do like curtains because it can add beauty to our windows especially when using beautifully designed ones but I don’t mind dressing up my windows with blinds for a change. It is nice to give your home a new look once in a while, right?

I found cool blinds online. It was the wood weave blinds I liked so much. Today though, I found Cheap Vertical Blinds. The designs were just simple but surely can give your room a simple yet elegant feel. These blinds I found would surely look great on any room; it may be on the living room or bedroom. When buying blinds though, make sure you are buying made to measure blinds for a perfect fit. For sure there are stores near you that offer that kind of deal. If you can’t find one in stores near you, try online.

Music Monday: I Love You So

It is time to share the music of our heart again. Today I would like to share the OST of Autumn's Concerto that's just aired on Abs-Cbn last week - I Love you So by Toni Gonzaga. The title of the song is the same with the title of this Taiwanese drama in Abs-Cbn. I chose to share this video below because it has some clips from the drama. I hope you'll care to watch the MV from beginning to end. You'll surely love it..and confused that you want to watch the whole drama the moment you finished watching the MV. I super recommend this drama! Please watch.

I would also like to share the opening song of the original version
Wo Ai Ta or I Love Him

If you visited my other blog, the Hideaway, you'll read there how crazy I am for this drama. I fell in love when I watched it on its original version last year and until now, I am still in love. When I learned that Abs-Cbn will be showing this drama, I was so excited. Finally it is on now. You can watch it weekdays during afternoon after Sabel. I do hope though that they'll transfer the time slot of this drama to prime time for it really deserves a prime time slot.  The casts, especially the super hot Vanness Wu really did well!

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Cute and Cuddly Steiff As Valentine's Gift

Valentine’s Day is just three weeks away, according to my calendar. To all men out there, usually you are the ones who give gifts to your woman. Do you already have an idea on what you are going to buy for your woman this Valentine’s Day? Did you get what she implied? Or have you already picked something for her? Before you become all muzzy over picking gifts, you better do it now. Women, well just some, are easy to please. Just give any cute gift you can find and they’ll be happy with it. It is the thought that matters anyway and not how extravagant the gifts are. What’s important is you didn’t forget her on Valentine’s Day by giving her a gift, which serves as a proof that you are thinking of her.
I already implied what I want on Valentine’s Day but I am not going to literally ask my husband about it. He should discover what I want from the hints I am giving. Or if he will not come across my hints, then what he is going to give me will be up to him. It’s just like that. There are many cute gifts a man can give to a woman. One is a stuffed toy or a cute and cuddly steiff molly tedy bear. It is safer to give this kind of gift too than giving an oversized ring, a tight jeans or a not-her-type accessory.

Sunday, January 30, 2011

Cheep At The Thrift Store

Cheep went to a thrift store with a friend last week. She said she found a nice dress that was sold at a very low price of Php80.00.
While at that thrift store (I do not know the name and she forgot), she took photos of the shoes, bags and dresses that were displayed there for me. What a considerate little sister! I spotted one that I like - that pink bag that caught my sisters attention too.
Well, she is just using this picture to give me an idea of what I need to buy for her. Clever sissy! No wonder she was affectionate and obedient.
Above are the dresses with prices range from 200 to 300 pesos. She said she couldn't afford to buy one of the dresses displayed up front for it was weekend and her allowance was drained. So she got the dress that cost only 80.00 pesos, which was displayed inside. Now, are you curious what that dress looks like? You'll see next post.

Saturday, January 29, 2011

Watches Were Not For Men?

Wrist watches nowadays are used not only as a tool to tell time but also as a fashion accessory for both men and women. If nowadays both men and women can wear wrist watches, in the earliest years only women can. As to what I read in watches history, men were not suitable to wear watches but only women. It was during those earliest years when portable wrist watches came out. Aren't you glad you can sport your favorite brands of watches now? Men should be glad.

VS Spring Bra Tops

This is to give hubby an idea of my desired gift this Valentine's day...only if he'll come across to this blog. But really, these are the type of tops I love to wear - bra tops that comfortably support bombshell curves.  I found a few that I like from Victoria Secret's spring bra tops collection. 

Sequin Banded-Bottom Bra Top
I am currently in love with purple so I found this one so perfect...
and it is halter too? I super want!

Embellished Inset Bra Top
I love the detail of the pleats and rhinestone embellishment on this one. 
I love brown or skin-toned so I could use this one.

Cross-front Tank Bra Top
This bra top can give an assurance of a best support because of its cross front. 
Wearing this will just make you feel you are wearing a brassiere.

You know, there are times that we women would love to set our bombshells free from brassieres for even just a while and bra tops could be a big for you'll not be needing a brassier no more. So I hope you like my picks! Head on to VS Spring Bra Tops to pick yours.

Friday, January 28, 2011

Cheep and I Need To Sweat

Performing regular exercises is one way to keep our body healthy and fit. We may eat healthy foods or take a proper diet but without exercise, those healthy foods are useless. This is what I kept reminding to myself, which I just followed – to do some forms of exercises daily or at least keep my body working so I sweat. Doing serious household chores like doing a general house cleaning once a week was the only form of exercise I’ve done lately. And that was once a week. No wonder my metabolism was slow or was slower that these days.

Other form of exercise is sport. Playing a sport you’ll love doing is one great way to step up to the healthy ladder. My brother had been encouraging me to join him playing his sports like tennis for that’s a bit womanly than basketball. Well, my sister Cheep and I actually thought of it because Cheep seemed like catching up to my weight. She gained few pounds too and it bothered her. Well, I am more bothered. We both needed to sweet badly! So last month, we started performing daily exercises together. We came up of doing simple indoor exercises like sit-ups. There is a new indoor exercise we tried called power skipping. We do it using skipping rope and slowly, we learned how to increase vertical jump. Our brother joins us sometimes for he needs it when playing basketball.

Thursday, January 27, 2011

GT: The Final Resolution

I missed the past topics about resolution but this week, I tried my best to find time for we will be talking about the final resolution to life in general. Well, I have a few....

  • I'll face and handle every life situation maturely. I used to just stamp my feet, whine and then break something when unpleasant situations occur. It is just too childish I know but couldn't help it. It has something to do with my rotten temper too so I'll try my best to eliminate my bad temper.
  • I'll stop smoking. I just got back into my smoking habit about a week ago after getting mad about something. I need to stop it badly! 
  • I'll depend on no one but myself. I've been very dependent to my family, my husband and friends. This time, is my time to depend on myself. I know I can do it, I am just scared to spread my wings of independence. 
  • I'll be more giving to myself than to others. Never will I be milked again...not anymore. I've been very helpful to others money-wise yet I couldn't find them when it's my turn to ask for their helping hands. I will rather spend that money I'll giveaway to myself like buying stuffs I want. For now, I am eying a phone of my dreams. I'll try my best to save for it. 
These are the main things I want to accomplish this year and I do hope I'll be able to do all these.

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

I Am Loving VS's Dream Angel Demi Bra

It is almost Valentine's Day so love me romantically baby! I am eying this demi bra by Victoria secret. Below is just one of the many "Love Me Romantic" bras at Victoria Secret. Hmmn..these are best to wear during a romantic night with your loved-one.

Check out the "Love Me Romantic" collection and pick your choice. I choose this Demi bra because of its romantic color; a combination of pink and black, and its romantic design. I like the idea of leaving a hint of pink laces for the cleavage. It's just romantically pretty and I want a pair so badly!

If you want one, go for it! You might as well avail a free shipping deal from Victoria Secret when you buy a full-priced bra by using this code: SHIPBRAS11. This offer ends this Wednesday. 

Sale: Juicy Couture Hobo Bag and Wallet

Juicy Couture Queen of Prep MD Free Style Hobo Bag
Regular Price: $228
Current Sale Price: $159
Shot it at tobi.

Be the queen among your circle of friends with this black Queen of Prep MD Free Style Hobo Bag by Juicy Couture. It features two interior pouch pockets, one interior zip pocket and attached mirror. It has magnetic closures and  8" strap drop. The trim is made of 100% leather and lining is 100% cotton . Size: (w) 17" (h) 11" (d) 8".


Juicy Couture Heritage Crest Zip Wallet
Regular Price: $58
Current Sale Price: $34
Shop it at tobi.

This wallet will complete your queen get up. Pair this wallet with your Queen Hobo Bag to totally feel the queen feeling. This wallet has 6 cards slots, one clear I.D. slot, zipped coin slot, and bill pouch. The body is made of 80% cotton and 20% polyester. The trim is made of 100% cowhide while lining is made with 100% cotton. This wallet is available in following colors: Black and Black, Nardels and Depp, Heather Prestige. Wallet size: (w) 4.5" x (h) 4" x (d) .75"

Monday, January 24, 2011

Music Monday: Oh My God!

Oh My God by my favorite hip hop singer/dancer Usher, featuring Will I Am of Black Eyed Peas is my share for today in Music Monday. Hubby likes this song too. He even complained he can't take the song out of his head the moment he heard it the first time on the radio. It's a lovely song that can make you go "Oh My God!" Enjoy!

OH My God Lyrics

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Saturday, January 22, 2011

Boudreaux's Butt Paste For Diaper Rash

This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of Boudreaux's Butt Paste. All opinions are 100% mine.

It is natural for mothers to be very meticulous when it comes to their babies. They are ready to give their best for their baby’s health and sanitation that even a little rash on a baby’s precious skin won’t escaped from their glance most especially skin rashes caused by diapers. Diapers would easily leave rashes on a baby’s skin due to sensitivity and if it’s not taken care of will lead to a serious skin irritation. I understand all these mothers sentiments on babies' skin rashes for I have experienced taking care of my cousins' babies too and it is Boudreaux's Butt Paste that always protects the babies from getting diaper rash.

I am sure most of you know about Boudreaux's Butt Paste as it is mostly recommended by respected Pediatricians because of how effective it is in protecting your baby’s skin. Aside from that, Boudreaux's Butt Paste has been featured on numerous television shows such as the famous Oprah Show, Tonight Show, Today Show and ESPN. It has also been the content of People Magazine. Boudreaux's Butt Paste has 16% zinc oxide and Peruvian Balsam, a protection formula that protects against diaper rash and easily relieves babies’ skin irritation. It also has pleasant scent that is good for babies.  Boudreaux's butt paste is also effective on adults skin for I've tried using it on my chapped skin and regular rashes. It was hubby who first introduced this butt paste to me as he have used it to treat heat rash and it is indeed effective. 

Boudreaux's Butt Paste is available in convenient sizes of 1 to 4oz tubes, also available in 16oz jars. Its flip top cap made it easy to use or apply on your babies’ skin. They are currently giving free sample away so better visit their site now and grab yours.
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Pink Saturday: Pink LV Key Chain

The LV in the key chain here stands for Las Vegas, not Louis Vuitton. It is one of the prizes I won from Demcy's giveaway.  I super love it because it is pink and heart-shaped. Overall, it is pretty!

Show off pink stuffs you owned and photographed and share it at Beverly's Pink Saturday. Click on the the pink banner to join. 

Friday, January 21, 2011

Win A Pair of Black Hooded Shirt and Short

SSETIRAM or Maritess is hosting her very first giveaway at her online abode. She is giveaway a pair of black hooded shirt and short with a large "PINK" print on both, shirt and shorts. Check out the prizes below:

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Thursday, January 20, 2011

Girls Talk: Work Resolutions

Number 1 in my work resolution this year (since my work where I can earn is only blogging) is to finish tasks, paid or unpaid (like memes), at or before a given deadline. That is the reason why I really find time today to post for Girls Talk because I've missed several Thursdays already.

So to meet the deadline, I have to manage and divide my time wisely. Just like office workers, I have to get up early, take a bath, feed my dog and eat breakfast before sitting on my computer chair. So tired or not, I have to start my online work from 7:00 a.m. to 12:00 noon. Then I'll have my lunch break from 12:00 to 1:00 p.m. Work then resumes from 1:00 to 5:00 p.m. Then I'll have another break for two hours to prepare and eat dinner. After that, I can go back to face my computer again from 7:00 p.m. to 10:00 p.m. That's it!

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Weekend Plan: Beautify My Unit

My youngest sister and I talked about redoing the placements of my home fixture and furniture last night. We are hoping to have a wider space in the living room and a covered dining area. We planned on doing it this weekend for she has no class. We will then proceed to do a general house cleaning, which includes cleaning the garden. While talking about it, I happened to think of replacing the curtains on the windows into blinds. It would be nicer to use blinds as substitute of curtains. I thought of getting wood weave blinds for the windows in our living room and kitchen to blend with the color of our wall paint.

I found wood weave blinds online that would definitely look best on our windows. It’s the Mandalay Wood Weave Blinds you can see in the picture above. We have a beige wall paint and chocolate brown wood accent. This wood weave blind is just good for it or at least won’t look awkward. Imagining it is already making me excited. It’s been a while since the last time I got my hands full on beautifying my little unit. And this weekend, I’ll be sharing that duty with my youngest sister. It would be fun!

Featured Wardrobe: I Belong!

It is me again for today's featured wardrobe. Reminiscing that night when I officially accepted the duty being our college department's Vice President gave me goose bumps not because of that heavy duty but because I happened to wear a gown that has the same color of our venue motif. Instead of showing the shame I felt that night, I showed my best smile and walked head high. Come on, I belong! 

The gown I am wearing by the way is a custom-made gown. I didn't know why I chose orange but the color hooked my eyes. Well, I wore it for a reason I guess and that is to be the center of the people's eyes and I didn't care if they were laughing inside or not. I cared about how lovely I was that night wearing my curly hair which I did myself. 

Indulge Yourself With Tabasco Heat

This post brought to you by TABASCO® Original Red. All opinions are 100% mine.

Just what sauce do you exactly want on your pizza? Mine is Tabasco Original Red for it kicks my cravings away for that real hot pepper sauce. I always love hot or spicy foods and only Tabasco pepper sauce gives me an idea of what really is a real hot pepper. Since I don’t know how to cook serious recipes that much, I usually use it simply as hot sauce for simple fried foods or add it to the marinade mixture.

If you are the kind who loves adding hot pepper sauce on your pizza or on any food like me, I am pretty sure you heard about the famous TABASCO® Original Red pepper sauce. It has been around completing cooks’ spice racks and seducing people’s taste buds since 1868 when McIlhenny family introduced it. It is the very first sauce they introduced, which gained fame in a blast. To date, it still leads in the kitchen as flavor enhancer completing every dish with too much more than hot spiciness.

In this football season, Tabasco Original Red is your pizza’s perfect mate. Why not indulge yourself with Tabasco’s too much more than hot spiciness for a perfect goalie kick and bring home a trophy? For those who are staying home to watch the Super Bowl, you can munch on that pizza with Tabasco Original Red pepper sauce while watching. Check out Pizza Perfected to learn ideas on making perfect pizzas that will bring out your real hot cheers for your favorite team. Or if you feel like trying other dish, try some simple ideas and recipes at Game-Day Party Menu.
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Monday, January 17, 2011

My Personal Picks: January 2011

Medium Camel Brown Gucci Shoulder Bag
Current Price:  $249.00

This medium camel-brown colored shoulder bag with flap and magnetic snap closure and two braided handles will surely accommodate all that a woman need inside a bag such as the kikay kit, a bottle of perfume, and even your schedule book. Its interior has inside zip, cellphone pocket and pda pocket.

Shop it now at Face Vogue
Don't forget to avail their Hot 2011 Christmas Discounts.


Chinese Laundry Booties
Current Price: $54.99

Peep toed shoes would bring out the sexiness of your toenails so why not put this pair of 5-inch Peep Toed booties on? Bring your best black cocktail out to have these pair of sexy booties paired.  This comes with a zipper closure at the back. Upper materials are made with lace and satin.

Shop it now at Bare Feet Shoes.
Don't forget to check on their other pair of booties too. 

Music Monday: The Voice Within

Here's my share for this Music Monday. It is again a song by Christina Aguilera titled "The Voice Within". Christina Aguilera is one of my favorite singers. I love almost all her songs and this song is just one of it. I hope you'll enjoy the live video.

The Voice Within Lyrics

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Saturday, January 15, 2011

Pink Saturday: Pink LV Wallet

Don't be deceived by how it looks, it is just a replica. And I think, the imitator didn't imitate it very well. If not for that famous brand name, this could have only cost half its price of P599.99. Anyway, this is my sisters'. The reason why she bought this is the color saying she can't totally ignore the pretty color of pink even though she started loving the mysterious color of purple. Well, sis is right. This wallet is pretty, I mean the color and the letters L and V. Have an awesome Pink Saturday night to you all!

Pink Magaline's Forever 21 Giveaway

Pink Magaline's giveaway for this month is up. This time she is making it simple, which means there are simple steps to join. This time also, she is only giving the prize, a pair of Forever 21 drop earrings, away to a lucky blogger living in the Philippines. 

Just do these steps and you are in:
1. Follow her blog publicly.
2. Drop a comment on her giveaway post by answering the question: What usually completes your everyday fashion? The person with the best answer wins.
3. Include you name and email in your comment.

Visit Pink Magaline's Forever 21 Giveaway now and join! This giveaway ends on January 31, 2011.

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Have You Tried Mobile Phone Recycling?

Are your old phones cluttered in your drawer and don’t know who to get rid of them? People with the dough change their phones like changing clothes. If you are one of them, I am sure you have several collections already. What are your plans for those? Are you just setting those phones on the corner just to earn dusts? Why not make use of them by having them recycled? Have you heard about it or have you tried having your phone recycled? Do you think it is a wise idea?

I knew about mobile phone recycling about two months ago although I haven’t tried. I was so tempted to have my other phone recycled but I was scared of not getting anything from it. I was as well scared my mobile phone will be devalued from its price when I bought it. I have a phone here that I need to get rid of and having it recycled would be a nice idea. It is the N95 model of a Nokia brand. There is this site that offers mobile phone recycling where you can see the prices of mobile phones you want to recycle. The recycling value of my N95 is about 58 pounds, which is reasonable for a three-year old phone. You might want to check the site and see how much your phone’s recycling value is. 

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Featured Wardrobe: Florida Gators Shirt and Cap

Whew! This is my first time to star for featured wardrobe here in my very own blog. Lol! Well, I am only flaunting my the Florida Gators shirt that hubby handed down and its matching cap shown in the photo above. This photo was taken way back in 2009. I happened to come across the photo while scanning my files so I thought of sharing it with you.

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Top 10 EC Droppers Dec. 2010

Droppers' Blogs No. of Drops
Technology News 25
eastcoastlife 18
Confessions of a Psychotic Housewife 17
The Twitterer 14
Digital Rebel350 13
Overcoming Diseases 13
The Sewing Mom 12
Artbeat Inspirations 12
Welcome to My Diary 12
Magnetic Air 12

Here's the list of my top ten entrecard droppers for this blog for the month of December 2010. Thank you so much from the bottom of my heart dear droppers. Although I didn't able to return the drops, you still continued dropping. I am so happy with the numbers of drops I received during the holiday season for they are quite high. I wish to see you all again in the list this year. 

Chizka's Scent

Just a quick post to share my baby dog's scent, a Lewis and Pearl Cologne - Dewdrops. I chose Dewdrops for her because it smells so fresh like morning dew. It is nice to cuddle a fresh smelling dog, right? I think Chizka loves the scent now or she is used to the scent already. The first time I applied the cologne to her she was like coughing and blowing. I've been using this for her for several months now and not planning to switch to other cologne. I thought of trying the spray one of Dewdrops though for an easy application.    

Saturday, January 8, 2011

Pink Saturday: Cheep's Pink B-day Cake

On December 27, 2010 was my youngest sister's 18 birthday. It was just a very simple celebration, not the fairytale-like one with boys offering 18 roses. There was no first dance and no fantastic gown. The one and only thing that made that day of my sister special is simply the fact that on day, she was officially on the legal age of 18. A simple celebration as it was, we only ordered a lovely cake for her with pink motif.

The taste of the cake is as beautiful as how it looks. We picked the right cake. This cake only cost 500 pesos and something. Although it was just a simple celebration, I know my sister was happy we were able to celebrate her birthday with her. She's on the legal age now, what can we do? Lol! Better she be not a bad girl.

Come and join the fun posting photos of your pink stuffs at Pink Saturday. Simple click on the badge for the info on how to join. Enjoy!

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Buy Cheap Remote Control Spare Parts

There are some people, youngsters and/or adults are fond of collecting RC Cars. RC is a term used for both radio-controlled and remote-controlled cars. Radio controlled cars are cars controlled by radio-frequency link while remote controlled cars are connected to the car’s wire controller. These cars are small cars, which you can register for a race with your friends’ radio/remote controlled cars or with cars from other RC car enthusiasts. Collecting these remote-controlled and radio-controlled cars is considered as a hobby to some. They either put on bets for their cars or simply do a race just for fun. It is a cool hobby, isn’t it?
Like real cars, RC cars need a lot of care too for these little toys are quite costly. It can also be pimped according to your liking as these cars also have spare parts and accessories. If you have remote-controlled cars and in need of spare parts, there is one online store that I know called NitrogenRC where you can Buy Cheap Remote Control Spare Parts for all models of remote-controlled cars. You may want to check the site out and see if you need some for your toy cars to beatify or boost the speed.

Monday, January 3, 2011

Music Monday: Beautiful

Wohoo! Happy New Year everyone! This is the first Monday of the year and Monday as it is means a time to share a music of our hearts. For the first Monday of the year, I would like to share a very beautiful song titled "Beautiful" by the most amazing vocalist for me, Christina Aguilera. Her voice is just so beautiful and so magical. So watch the video and enjoy!

Beautiful Lyrics
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