Tuesday, November 15, 2011

The Three Chies - Update

What's going on with the Three Chies lately? There were a lot of happenings yet I kept in silence. Well, I didn’t mean to actually. I was just lazy updating not just this blog but all my blogs. Haist, I hate it when laziness strikes for it is making me unproductive and making my days a waste. It’s a total of ten days that I haven’t touched this blog. Wow, 10 tens of having this blog not updated resulted to the loss of page rank. It had PR2 the last time I checked and now, the PR set off to 1. It is simply frustrating and I am left to blame for being lazy.

Anyway, I back now to give you updates, to raise the rank of this page higher and to start making a living again. So how have the Three Chies been?

I would like to start with Chem since she’s been into a lot of fuss lately. As what I’ve written previously, Cheem had broken up with her boyfriend just a month ago. I know she was sad about the break up because she's gone wild and fierce. Just as much as my sister wanted to be friends with her X, the new girlfriend didn’t let them. It even led a fight between her and the new girl. As of the present, the X still contacting Cheem asking for reconciliation despite the fact that he’s already involved to a new girl. Cheem right now has new suitors and there's one whom we favor. Still, she doesn’t like to go to college for a reason that she still doesn’t know what she wants. We respected that decision.

Cheep? She’s currently in her class right. The official day of classes in their school started yesterday. Seeing her diligence in her studies really is gratifying. Every penny that I’ve spent for her school is worth it. Her wish to work abroad is the main force that’s driving her closer and closer to her goal. Thankfully, there is this guy whom she got inspiration from, aside from family. She’s quite in a serious relationship although she doesn’t like to talk much about it. She’s being discreet.

As for me, well, I have a same old story. I am still the confused wifey who’s longing and waiting for her husband to come home. Yet in the middle of confusion, I partied out quite a lot. It happens a lot when Pabz, my bestfriend, is around. He went home earlier than planned from meeting his boyfriend in Davao. Besides, it’s better to enjoy life than get depressed about it and I am not the type who would break down for a longest time. Also, I met a fun company in the persons of Cheem’s friends. Yeah, I met my sister’s friends and accepted them wholeheartedly in my place. They’ve been hanging in here lately actually. Although they are very far to my liking since they act, talk and dress overly liberated or in a whore-like manner, I respect their ways. Anyway, they are my sister’s friends.


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  2. ayay, salamat sa update sis...ka mga pretty jud ninyo nga sisters...:)

    agoy kani lagi naa 3rd party...sorry nalang ang laki kay naa daghan suitors...ehhehe!

    visit ko kadali sis!