Cute Pink and White Cake

This is the cute pink-white cake that I was talking about in my previous post for Pink Fridays. I stole this photo from a friend's photo album in Facebook. I couldn't resist the urge to have it here in my blog and to share it with you. Have a look!

The sleeping baby on top of the cake guarded by pretty pink butterflies looks so adorable. 

Wanna have a slice now? I am till drooling. I only had a slice of it at the party. How I wish I've taken home one pink butterfly candy.


  1. wow! is all I can say :-) very pretty and so adorable and I am sure it is delish too, the sleeping baby is so precious. Thank you for sharing. Dropping some love for Pink Fridays, hope that you can return the favor too.

  2. Such a lovely cake chie....

    Agi ko for Pink Fridays...

    Kumusta? Sorry daghan ko absent sa imong mga blogs...

  3. in in kaganda talaga sis...parang ayaw kong kainin if ako andiyan..tingnan ko na lang..heheh

    About my PF, ahay walang star margarine dito. my asian store pero walang ganyan. Super kunti alng ang Philippine product na meron sila..kainis di ba?heheh

    have a safe weekend

  4. makes me not want to eat the cake. decorate lng hehe

  5. One of the cutest baby pink cakes I ever saw. So gad you shared with us.

  6. you have a yummy share inn here sis, thanks for dropping by, returning the visit for PF

  7. Lovely!

    Dad in Pink, have a great Thanksgiving to you all!

  8. cute!
    Visiting from PF, entry #36. Pink Bear
    happy weekend :)

  9. Oh my, makes me drool too! But that baby on top is so adorable! WOnna hug her!

  10. by the way, i'm a new follower.. (would love a follow back too hehe) thanks!

  11. wow..super cute talaga... pag ka nice ba woi;)

    visiting back from PF;)

  12. very candy cute :)

    visiting back from PF ^^

  13. What a pretty pink cake,love the fondant blanket that covers the baby.

  14. Huwaw!!! Grabe ka cuteness and prettiness ana gwaps oi! I don't think I can eat a slice of it nga mura man sya sayang kaonon. Hahaha. What a special design jud! :)

    Was here for PF! You're welcome to stop by mine as wel! ;-)

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  15. i love that shade of pink! beautiful cake.. i bet it's as delicious as it looks! thanks for dropping by!

    raya of our home and haven

  16. pagka gwafa sa cake oi...sayang man kaonon, murag pang paibug lang hehe...kanang angel pwede pod na ingkiton? hahaha. TY sa PF visit Chie.


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