Three Chies Wrapping Gifts

Here are the three Chies packing gifts for the kids in Manukan, mainly for my godchildren. Nope, these gifts are not for this Christmas though if you may ask but these were wrapped and given to the kids as Christmas gifts on 2009. It was my husband's last Christmas with me and with my family. His last Christmas here in the Philippines.

Photos were taken by our only brother. 

These photos brought back memories of how we, sisters with our brother's cooperation of course, bonded together in wrapping Christmas gifts with having a unity of thought - to make the kids in our neighborhood happy on Christmas day with our simple gifts. We've done it for 2 consecutive years, during those years of prosperity with the presence of my husband. I was such a lucky wife to have a generous and kid-loving husband. Now I miss him. I wonder if I could do gift-giving again this Christmas. I hope so.

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  1. Wow, very generous pala ang 3 chies .. For sure you can do it again kahit wala si hubby mo just remember the feeling of those who will receive gift from you guys ;)


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