Pink Butterflies on Cake

I went to the christening party of a friend's niece last Saturday. It was a last minute invitation, well an unexpected one to the reception. It was in time for dinner. I went there with few of my classmates. The party's themes were pink and white, an expected theme for a baby girl. The decoration and all were cute including the pink and white balloons that were hanged everywhere in the reception hall to my amazement. But what really amazed me that night were the pink butterfly icing decorations on the three-layered pale pink cake.

Just wow! Being a butterfly lover, I never let myself to miss that chance of capturing the pink butterflies on the cake. It was just the pink butterflies that were on my mind at that time that why I only have these two photos and not even captured a single shot of the whole cake. Along with the pink butterflies, other decorations on the cake were pink ribbons and pink and white daisies.


  1. Such a cute Pink Butterflies!

    Here for PF. Hope you can follow and check out my pink entries...


  2. Love those pink butterflies...

    Visiting from PF!

    Hope you can visit me too:)

  3. wow thats a cutie butterfly! did you eat them? ;)

  4. Hi Chie, indeed very lovely Pink.. love it.. nagtake home ka? hahah..thanks dear sa laag.

  5. awww :) those are cute :D

    visiting you back for PF ^^

    see you around ;)

  6. what beautiful shades of pink! love it.. they look yummy! thanks for the visit sis!

    raya of our home and haven

  7. hmmm looks so yummy

    visiting for GFC follower here...

  8. very pretty pink butterflies Sis, visiting for PF, hope that you can visit me back too

  9. Wow, butterfly on cake most of the time flower icing nakikita ko eh.


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