Pink Bag and Traveling Bag

I took this picture on the day Cheep left for their Cebu-Bohol Educational tour. Look at her pink traveling bag. She was so happy when I got her that pink traveling bag. Even when going for a tour, pink was a big deal. She really requested for a pink traveling bag and along with it is the pink bag which I handed down to her a couple of months ago.


  1. wow ang cute! pink and black goes together. gusto ko rin ng pink traveling bag! hehe
    Here's my Pink Friday Entries... Cotton Candy and Hello Kitty

  2. loved your suit case, it is so cute, visiting for PF, hope that you can visit me back too

  3. haguy, ang pink lady hehe...tag-anon nako, pink sad ni iya panty hehehe...ako pink entry tua sa A woman's Note hehe

  4. What a sweet Ate you are gwaps! I remember that pink purse you won at Kurdapya's giveaway! ;-) The pink suitcase-- super cute! Swerte si Cheep! :)

    Late visit for PF as I'm still trying to get back to my normal blogging mode caused by our recent move. :) Thanks for dropping by at mine! If you haven't yet, you are welcome to visit, too! :)

    Autumn Hues
    Touchpad Case

  5. Ka cute! I wish I have a Pink Luggage too!

    Thank you for joining Sis. Hope to see you again this Friday.

    God bless! :)

  6. I love it too..So cute!!

    Visiting from PF! Hope you can visit me too:)

  7. ka cute! type nako iya suitcase...cute kau...hehehe..:)


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