The Close Friend, Another Pink Lover

The owners of these pink bags are close friends - Cheep (my sister) and Kristine. They share almost the same interests and one is the love for pink. Aside from that, both of them threw up during their sea trip to Cebu. Hmnn?

Above is a picture of Cheep with her classmates ready for the tour. That's Kristine right there in the center wearing a pink T-shirt. Cheep? Well, she might have worn a black tee but still, shades of pink are present. She was even carrying that little pink purse and wearing a pink shade on her lips. Pink lover eh? No wonder she and Kristine are the closest among their circle of friends.  


  1. Pretty ladies!Your sissy is stunning dear^_^

    Happy Pink Fridays!

  2. dropping by to say Happy PF

  3. hehhee...threw up man jud...:) she always have pink with her jud sis no...pretty!

  4. girls looked lovelier in pinks:)

  5. ayay! no wonder they are friends.. Visiting from Pink Friday
    My Pink Entry .Have a nice day!

  6. beautiful pink bag/purse :-) sorry about the sea sick I am like that too :-( hope they have a wonderful trip to Cebu, visiting for PF, hope that you can visit me back

  7. Pink is definitely (almost) every girls' fave color! They are pretty friends!
    Visiting from PF, hope you can also check out my entry:

  8. hi sis, visiting for PF, mine is up at, see yeah

  9. they do have a lot in common eh? :D

    visiting you from Pink Friday. hope you can visit me back at: AJISEN RAMEN

  10. girls really love anything pink...

    here for PF... please check out mine...

    Planning for Bella's First  Birthday


  11. Lotsa pink in the picture! Indeed, close friends sila gwaps! Nice kaayo ang pink purse ayy. :)

    Late visit for PF gwaps! Hope you don't mind.... :)
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