Cheep's First Steps in Cebu

Cheep and the rest of DMC students who joined the tour arrived in Cebu City Port at 6:30 in the morning. Although stressed out from the roller coaster-like sea trip of about ten hours, she said her excitement to explore Cebu brightened her mood and lightened her spirit.

From the port, the group headed to Fortuna Hotel for a breakfast buffet.

Then they visited a church nearby and lighted candles for thanksgiving. One thing I learned from travelling with a friend is to visit a church upon arriving at a place you're visiting to thank God for a safe trip. I shared it with my sister before she left for the tour. She really made sure to have photos of her taken as proof to me that she visited a church. Nice!  

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  1. Lovely ladies, gagaling magpose ah.

  2. good tip in traveling to a place chie. you are a good sister. :) My RT posts are in Love home grow garden and The jolly toes. Hope you can visit.

  3. We visited Cebu couple of months ago pero hindi masyado nag enjoy bitin eh. Anyway, never thought to visit the church upon arriving, well next time. How can i forgot that, hahah!

  4. wow! i wish i could go to Cebu!

    by the way, do you mind checking out on What's With 'MY WAY'?

  5. good sister..
    hehehe...I want to visit Cebu also..though i been there for couple of times it was just for a quick stay and then go..
    thanks for joining OT again sis..
    HAppy to see you around..

  6. you really had a great time,wish I could visit again Cebu, indeed a nice place.

  7. Sounds like a cool, interesting trip, CHie.



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