Cheep On Her First Sea Trip to Cebu

Cheep's educational tour to Cebu and Bohol was her very first sea trip experience. She said she enjoyed the first three hours of the trip but later on she started feeling sea sickness. The vessel they were boarding (GP) left from Dapitan Port at seven in the evening on Wednesday last week.
Cheep on her deck. Seems like she's enjoying the ride here and didn't feel the dizzying sway of the ship yet.

Enjoying the breeze at night with one of her closest friends, Glifel.

A pose with some of the classmates.

She's not feeling good here now. Looks like she's looking for something. 

She found it! It is an Efficacent oil which they used to rub on stomach. 

According to Cheep, the sea trip was hilarious. The waves were big that it felt like a roller coaster ride. Among all their classmates though, there were only two of them who threw up. One of her classmates, Kristine already head to the toilet around 11:00 p.m. to throw up when she felt the urge to follow. She said she tried to hold it but she couldn't bear anymore for her throat taste so nastily salty. 

Couldn't hold anymore, she went down from her deck and rushed to the toilet and...ugh!
I still feel sorry for her. She must have been having a hard feeling right there in the vessel's toilet. I know how it feels and it's not something anyone wants to feel - the dizziness and that nasty feeling in the stomach. 

Finally she thrown all that in her stomach out. 

After the toilet dilemma, everything went back to normal. There she stroke a pose as if nothing happened. Still she hoped that long sea trip would be over. 

Kristine, Glefil and Rechiel Cheep - Cebu, there they came!

Finally, Cebu port was at the reach of their pair of tired and sleepless eyes. Looked like they didn't get any sleep during the entire sea trip at all but I knew they were all excited upon seeing the sparkling view of the port. I could feel their excitement to board off the ship to step on the land of Cebu. 

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  1. tawon pod...gipaningot..mau kay nagda ug efficascent sis...lisod ning dagaton ta kay makalipong...she looks like she had fun though...bibo jud ni basta daghan kauban.

  2. Enjoy gyd na ba bahala not feel that here for RHM.

    Mine is here

  3. I like the idea of sea tripping as long as daghan ka kauban. The more, the merrier! :D

    Hopping from

  4. As in documented jud! Kaluoy sad, gipanuhot. Thanks to efficascent oil!LOL.

    BTW, thanks for joining Red Hot Mondays!


  5. pero bibo man japon maski nalipong sa alon hehehehe...sorry sa late visit chie...just got back from Manila.

  6. thanks for sharing, me to ndi ko alm if I am sea sick din...

    visiting for RHM!

    all the best,

  7. so inde ka kasama te? :o tama ba pagkaintindi ko? :o

    thanks for dropping by at my RHM's a hug back to yoU!!! have a great week ahead!

  8. sana sumama ka te..hehehe..then EB


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