Cheem Brings Sore Eyes in My Apartment

It was Cheem who passed the viral infection to me. She was the one who had sore eyes last week. It was healed totally but then the other day, the viral infection attacked her eyes again. Now both of us are suffering from sore eyes in my apartment and we are both afraid we'll pass it to our father and to our youngest sister Cheep.

I don't believe in what other people say that once you've already suffered sore eyes you'll never get the virus again. I have had sore eyes a few times before and now I've suffered from it again. The virus that causes sore eyes is easily spread. And based on my experience, you'll likely get the virus twice or thrice a year if you are in contact with the one who is infected. The first and best way to avoid getting the virus would be washing hands before touching your eyes when surrounded by people who are infected. Once infected, apply Red Eye formula drops like Eye Mo immediately or better yet consult a doctor for an effective medication. (TKE53Y66F9DY)


  1. ayay...wala naka piskata sis? hope all is well...agoy, samok raba jud ni sore eyes kay sambol sa remedy is urine...:)


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