Off To Bohol and Cebu

...not me but Cheep. For the first time, my youngest sister is travelling far without the family's company. And it's not somewhere near where we can just ride a bus to attend to her when she needs us but oceans away. It is an educational tour of four days in Bohol and Cebu. I am worried because even though she's with her classmates, she's not used to travel by sea for long hours. Yes, they are taking a slow boat travelling a long way. Medicines couldn't be trusted, she might throw up in the middle of the sea trip. 

The fact that she was so excited about the tour is a consolation to our parents. We can only hope for the best. I do hope she'll enjoy the whole trip and learn a lot during the entire tour. I bought her a new pink travelling bag  a week before the tour. She was so happy about it and it sure added to her excitement. Of course, she needs pocket money for the tour so I gave her a few thousands for pasalubong. I only requested two things; original copies of the movies Thor and Fast Five. It would be great if she could bring home the movies. Have a good journey sister!


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