Doll Shoes

I am catching up for Pink Fridays. Gladly, the linky is still up so here goes my share.

Obviously, these pairs of doll shoes aren't mine. The pretty pink one with flowers are Cheep's while the other pair is Cheep's friend's. How I wish I could confidently wear a pair of doll shoes when going out but since I have a poor height, that wish couldn't come true. My height is the main reason that's stopping to wear a pair even though I wanted to. So I just settle on wearing high-heeled footwear even when I get to an extent of not being comfortable. I envy my sisters so much it fits them well. 


  1. Thats a lovely lookin sandal chie. and the tattoo i know its not real pero cute ano hehehe

  2. ka-cute ana nga mga shoes gwaps oi! ganahan ko, pink kaayo :)

    Doing my PF rounds. I welcome visits to my entries as well. If you already did, thank you so much! :)
    Shai's Pianica
    DSi Starter Kit
    Aero Sweater
    Pink Blooms
    @ Eagle Cave
    Enjoy the remaining hours of the weekend! :)

  3. pretty shoes, loved it, visiting from PF, hope you can visit me back, hope you can visit me back

  4. hahaha, palamuot ra ka chie. nganong maguol man ka sa imong height oi. gwapa baya ka dotz. salamat sa dalaw sa akong payag chie.


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