Deal Fun Auction Site Complaints

It’s nice to get something valuable for less. It’s already a nature for us buyers to get discounts off our purchases. Sometimes we even go for free stuffs, aren’t we? If offline there are corners in the malls for stuffs that are up for sale let us say 10 to 50 percent off and places where we can exchange coupons for rebates, online there are also places where we can buy discounted things directly using credit or debit cards or we can get and use coupons in exchange for goodies or discount items. These websites that offer nonstop freebies to everyone have become popular money-saving sources. Like everyone, I as well want to be able to save some pennies off my buys. Why not, right?

Aside from coupon sources, another medium of getting valuable things for less is through auction. There are many auction sites created nowadays that allow us to bid on stuffs we like so much. But there’s a lot of fuss nowadays regarding auction sites being reported as scam. One that I heard recently is Deal Fun dot com. I read few complaints online being one of those auctions sites that con bidders. Don’t get me wrong though. I was once an active bidder to one auction site before where I’ve won three worthy prizes with which I received all the winnings. Still, with all the many auction sites nowadays, it is best to read reviews first before bidding. With the Deal Fun complaints, I can't attest to it yet for I haven't tried bidding on the said site.


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