Cam Whoring Cheem

I am late for Orange Tuesday but it's better late than never. I have not taken any serious photos for the color memes lately. It's not that I lost my love on taking photos already, it's just that I've been occupied with writing blog posts. So for today, let me just share a random picture.


That in the picture is my younger sister Cheem being silly. Obviously, this was taken recently at my new apartment. She was trying to snap a seductive pose here of herself for her phone camera. I just happened to have a quick finger and caught her in this angle, which is much better than her self capture using her phone. It's just funny. Why do we have to stick our tongue out to look seductive on cam. Cam whoring!


  1. hehe cute sissy:9 yep better late than nothing:)visiting from OT chie.. c u around!

  2. that's why there's such a term as cam whoring hahaha! :D
    thanks for the visit and comment at my entry


    Our Family

  3. that's a nice one, cute too...bilis mo sis! :) visiting late from OT, hope you can visit me back. thanks and have a great week. :)


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