Boosting Blog Traffic

I stayed for a long while in this blog today. I was checking the statistics and rereading my posts. While checking out, my eyes fell on the numbers of the Alexa rank. The Alexa rank of this blog went higher. It is alarming for a blogger like me because the higher the rank your blog get in Alexa, the worse your blog traffic is. Every blogger for sure aims for a lowest rank in Alexa of 1 being the best. A couple of months ago, the Alexa rank of this blog were just about 550,000. I felt very happy and contented about it. I worked hard to be able to get rid of the millions in the rank. Adgitize at that time was a big help to eliminate a digit in the rank. This blog was then an active advertiser in Adgitize. I am thinking of advertising again but I am still waiting for the funds to be forwarded to my online account to cover the fees. Since the advertising expired last month, the rank rapidly went higher. Plus I was not updating this blog for the last couple of months. I need to do some traffic boosting for this blog and search engine optimization is one way.


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