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My youngest sister whom I introduced into blogging about two years ago now feels like getting back into blogging. But she asked me one thing though. She asked me to create a new blog design for her blog to attract back her enthusiasm for blogging. Her current blog design theme is all pink and now she wants me to add other cute colors to it saying she started being passionate to other colors. She said she loves not just pink now that she had grown up. She started to notice the cuteness of purple and the brightness of colors yellow and orange.

I browsed online for blog design ideas. I do that when my creativity is blocked due to too much thinking of problems in my offline life.  As I browsed, I came across web design ipswich. The site has professional web designs that are perfect for professional web sites of all niche. If you plan to start a website for your businesses, you must check it out. The designs I saw at the said site are not what I am looking for my sister's blog though for those are professional design. I need a cute blog design that suits best for a teenager. This purplish theme shown in the screen shot above is not bad. Gladly I came up with a cute idea from it for my sister's blog. I might create one for her once all my important works are done.


  1. sometimes these professional web designs don't fit the look and feel of a personal blog. you just need to customize it for a bit more to get the look that you wanted and a more personal touch.

    just dropping by here. regards chie.


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