Group Study, Is It?

My youngest sister Cheep dragged her classmates one day in my place for a group study. It happened by the end of March when they were super busy with all the projects they need to pass for the finals. I didn't know that Cheep saved some of their photos in my computer while they had their group study.

I was upstairs facing my computer all the while they were downstairs. I didn't like my sister's classmates to feel awkward by my presence so I didn't bother them downstairs so they can thoroughly do their group study. At first, they were so quite. I even wondered what kind of group study they were doing.  The group study that I've known and experienced was done verbally where each of us, students, exchanged thoughts and ideas by voicing them all out. There were even clean debates.  
They remained silent at that when later on they got too noisy like giggling and laughing. When I checked them out, they were watching a teen movie - She's The Man. Group study, huh? It was a group study over a teen movie. Lol! They were even munching some home-made fries while watching the movie.

Teenagers eh? It was fun having my sister's classmates at the house. I could tell my sister enjoyed their company so much. I am just glad she made friends with quite good students in her school. Although they messed up their group study that day at my place, I knew they've passed the finals for they are now in the second year of their course. I wish them all the best, most especially to my sister.


  1. hahaha! huli kayo. may ebidensya, hehehe!

    anyway, i didn't enjoy group studies much because I am so noisy when I study. I talk to myself, explain to myself... anyone who doesn't know me will think that I probably went crazy already... LOL!

  2. ka mga gwafa...miss nuon nako ang study group during college days...imbis na mag study...sge nuon me!

  3. Kadumdum sab kos among group study in college. Lingaw nga mkasapot kay ang uban dli mo cooperate.

    Musta ang blogging career diha nato sis chie?


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