Cheep and Her Batch Mates

It's my sister again who stars my Pink Fridays post but this time she's with her batch mates. This was how they brightly painted our school campus pink with their bright pink batch T-shirt. I was green with envy. Joke!


  1. buti the guys comply with the pink tee. very alive nga ang dating :)

  2. cool pink pictures! look nice on guys as well! lol!

    do you mind checking Plain Old Me out?

  3. pagka pink sa groups hehe...agi ko Chie.

  4. Hello Sis,
    what a happy group, like their uniform, visiting from PF, hope you can visit me here


  5. A wave of pink on the school campus! I love it. :D

    Hopping from Pink Friday! And of course, hope you have a colorful week... then bring in the colors to the Colorful Weekend link party I host every Saturday! :D Let’s make a rainbow of the colors that rock our week. Fun!

  6. wow, pink man...ka bibo jud nila sis no...miss nuon nako akong mga batchmates.

  7. Cheep-- that's a very nice name, gwaps! I love looking at them all in pink, too! Bibo kaayo ang mga pahiyom! :)

    Visiting late; my apology. Thanks for checking out my PF entries. If you haven't yet, you still are welcome!
    Pink Scarf in my Friend's Neck
    Nike Duffel Bag
    Pink Hyacinth

    Thanks and have a great day!

  8. nice shirts!!
    btw, sorry for the late visit! coming from pf!


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