Cheep and Friends Sleepover

Cheep asked me yesterday if it's fine with me to invite her college friends over at my place and spend a night for a sleepover or a pajama party. Teens eh? They just thought suddenly of having a sleepover after an exhausting dance practice that reached at eleven in the evening last night.  Didn't want to spoil the fun they were planning, I said okay as long as they will not take guys along. Besides, it was awkward to say no when her college friends were already outside the door waiting for my 'yes'.

So last night, I gave up my room for them since it's bigger and used the other room. Being a nice big sister as I am, I stayed up until 2 in morning and cooked a chicken dish and rice for them in case they'll get hungry after drinking. They had a bottle of The Bar Orange Tequila, some bottles of sodas and a few packages of munches. I let them enjoy watching movies in my room while drinking.

For sure my sister took a few photographs of them last night but I wasn't able to upload it as they hurried this morning to school for their foundation day. Since my sister has the camera right now, let me just share this photo of my sister and her college friends during their induction party.

Will upload photos of them last night later today or maybe tomorrow afternoon.


  1. awww...ka sweet sa big sister woi....ka bibo nila....mau jud ka nga sister sis kay ni cater pa jud sa friends sa imong sissy...:)


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