Who is Joe Petrashek?

Joe Pertashek is the person behind Starscapes which he founded back in 1979. Now what is starscapes? Have you heard about it before? Starscapes is a product that turns your plain painted ceiling into a starry sky at night with the use of a special luminescent paint. It could be installed in your home ceiling. Many have used it nowadays not only for homes but to big buildings like hotels. It's like magic for the ceiling appears normal and ordinary during the day and automatically transforms into a relaxing view of a starry sky in the dark. The founder Joe Petrashek pulled his inspiration to creating this magnificent work of art from the beautiful night sky of Arizona mountains and later, after spenidng several years on research and discoveries, he brought the beauty into homes and buildings through Starscapes. Starscapes is not a glow-in-the-dark thing but an art that requires skills and special materials to attain.  According to what I've read, you can bring a constellation of stars into your home ceiling yourself if you have the Starscapes package and could even turn it into a home-based business.


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