When Little Sisters Are No Longer Little

Time had swiftly passed by. Before I knew it, the little sisters whom I used to cradle to sleep have grown up into lovely ladies. Chem just turned 21 yrs. old last May 15 this year while Cheep turned 18 on December last year. They are no longer little babies, that realization just came in my mind today while looking at this picture below.

Chem and Cheep

These two who used to be mere sucking babies have been under my care. I used to put them to sleep on their swing. I used to prepare their bottles of milk. I used to pacify and carry them when they cry. I used to be a post during their first walking lesson. I used to take them with me to the plaza when they learned how to walk. And...I used to get scoldings from mother when they get hurt. In short, I was my sisters’ nanny for I was big enough by the time they were born to lend my helping hands to our mother. Therefore, it is not a question why I am so close to them for I have my hands down in giving them love and care.

Now, they are both grown-ups. They've grown to be quite fussy though but to tell you, they have used their arms when they were kids as sponge to quickly aid running nose. (Peace sissies!) I used to do that too...there you go. Lol! Anyway, even though they are no longer the fragile babies I used to carry, I can't stop myself from worrying for I know I can't protect them from the different kinds of bad things this world can offer. Although they are already grown-ups who know what's right and wrong, I still worry. But it is really like that I think. When your little sisters are no longer little, all you can do is to be happy for them or to be worried...and then give advice or lend a shoulder to them when what you've worried about come true.

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  1. Aww such a sweet story naman. I'm sure they love you to bits too and don't think of you as their ate, but as their second mom :)

    They're so lucky they can wear tube tops! The only time I wore tube tops was when I was 6! hahahaha Anyway, thanks so much for joining us on CIB Monday. I hope you, and your sisters too, have a great week ahead!

  2. what can i say besides beautiful and gorgeous? :-)

  3. sexy ladies, looking hot too.Dropping by for RHM. Please drop me a line too at http://adventurousjessy.blogspot.com/2011/07/my-red-car.html

  4. Sponge ba naman hahahaha, lovely story of the lovely ladies. Join ka ulit nostalgia this week. Mwah!

  5. wow! sana ako din, i have a sister like you. you really take good care of them and that will stay in their hearts forever.

    visiting from CIB Monday.

  6. Beautiful tribute for your equally beautiful sisters, Chie. May pinagmanahan sila, hehe! Are u the eldest?

  7. They are both beautiful sis Chie! Chem looks more like you but of course you three looks-a-like! Next time, they're in line of wedding! Whew! Time flies fast, isn't it? Happy Ruby Tuesday and thanks for dropping-by sis.. muahhh!

    You are also invited to come and drop-by on my
    CMP's Ruby Tuesday: Red Building if you have time.. see yah then.. ~hugs&kisses~

  8. they have grown so beautiful... Lovely ladies.

  9. pretty! ganahan ko sa title...ehhehee...suya jud ko nga way sister.

  10. What a sweet Ate. :) Worrying will not solve any problem, though. It will just add wrinkles to your beauty.

    CIBM9 #7
    C5 @ Photos Are Mine


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