Monday, July 18, 2011

Silent Fight Between Sisters

The three Chies were in a verbal fight early morning today. It was just a little verbal fight. It was because Cheem came over at my place around three in the morning with a guy that is unknown to us. She said they've thought of stopping over to catch some sleep after watching a live play of  local bands here in Dipolog City. I didn't ask where the play was for my mind were focused on asking who the guy was for it was not the boyfriend that she introduced to us. It was just a random guy that we don't know. She said they've been friends for a while now and that they've just bumped into each other while at the concert hall.  Also, Cheem said the guy knows our youngest sister Cheep for they are attending in the same school.

As a normal reaction, I was a bit cold in entertaining them for my sleep was disturbed just because of this random guy. It would have been fine for me if it was just Cheem coming late in my place for I am used to that behavior of hers already. I let Cheep entertainment them and prepare the other room for the visitor. Cheep all along was silent while Chem was explaining to me. Later, the guy might have felt shame due to my cold welcome, he left. The three of us then left lying on the bed exchanging words. We, three end up saying painful words to each other. Then we slept. We got up late today in a silent fight.

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