SHRIM Intramural Shirt 2010

I only snatched this picture off my youngest sister's blog. The picture shows my youngest sister Cheep showing off her orange SHRIM shirt for their Intramural last year. I had and still have no idea why their department chose orange but it think it favored on my part for I have something to snatch and share for Orange Tuesday today.

To those who do not know yet, Cheep also has her own cute and (so) pink blog designed to be a record page of her life as a college student. She was active for the first two months in updating her blog. Since she has no computer, I just let use my computer since I had two back then before I punched my laptop's computer screen. She was so happy about her blog and was so enthusiastic in sharing her tales in there with me being used as an editor. The super pink theme of her blog also added to her enthusiasm. But due to the busy schedule in school, the blog was neglected. Her blog hasn't been touched since the latest post dated August 28, 2010 until now. Poor blog!

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  1. di na ako nakakasali sa orange tuesday sis...try ko mamaya. wala na kasi akong pics after reformat ung pc ko.:-(

  2. i want that shirt..hehe!

    my OT is up too chie..hope ypu can visit. i have to check cheep website too:)

  3. That's pretty, I think it compliment the beauty of your sister Chie.

    Obstacles & Glories


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