Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Secret Garden Bath and Body Care in a Sexier Look

If you are a fan of Secret Garden fragrances and bath and body essentials by Victoria Secret, you must have been excited to receive your purchases of the products because they are now in bold and sexier bottles. Yes, secret garden scents and body essentials of Victoria Secret are newly dressed in a whole new look you'll surely love! Here, take a look to fill your fantasies. 

It was Love Spell refreshing body mist of Victoria Secret's Secret Garden scent that I've first tried. It was a gift I received from one of my blogging friends back in 2008. D&G light blue scent was then my favorite but I did like Love Spell too right when I first tried it. Recently, I received another gift from a friend which is the same scent that came all the way from Chicago. I love it! Love Spell has a sweet fruity fragrance with refreshing notes of cherry blossom, peach and white Jasmine that contrast the citrus-sy and slightly powerful  light blue scent of D&G. Love Spell is best for teens or young adults and for those who want to feel young. Make your order now of these sexy fragrances and body care at Victoria Secret.

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