Purple Vanity Kit

In the picture above is my purple vanity kit. It's one of the prizes I won in one of the contests I had joined online.  Purple to girls/women I think is the second most-loved color next to pink. I just noticed its beauty lately. I begun to like the color when everyone in my batch talked about it and chose it as the color of our shirt. Unfortunately, there were no purple t-shirt in our area during that time so we had no choice but to choose the safest color which is white. I wonder about the real color of purple though. How it differs to violet? I did a research and the results were quite the same. Well whether it's purple or violet, I find the colors cute.

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  1. like nako ang color Chie...anyway, like man jud nako ang violet, especially nail polish hehe. was here Chie for CC.

  2. And yes, it is a beautiful color. Visiting via CC.

    Adin B

  3. One of Ms. Burrito's favorite color, nice one sis. The meme author is already asleep, napagod sa party.

  4. Balik na sab ko diri from Color Connection :)

    Please check out my share for Color Connection: http://www.charlota.org/2011/07/color-connection-dooney-bourke.html

  5. Hi Tita, that's a pretty cosmetic bag. Thanks a lot for joining and for the birthday greetings.

  6. I wonder unsa kaha mga sulod...ehehehe!


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