Pink Hair Curlers, Anyone?

Here is the closer look of that pink hair curlers we've used for our instant curly hair that lasted only a day.
Now I am torn between the decision of having my hair curled or stretched but with a color? I am thinking of a shade of navy blue. Hmn? I honestly missed having a curly hair. It 's been like decades ago when I had my hair curled. Curly hair seems out of trend nowadays though but I am so tried of my straight hair. I want change...for a change. Lol! Just recently, my sisters had their hair stretched and me having my hair curled would break our pact.  My sisters and I made a pact since we were little that whatever the hairstyle of one, would be the hairstyle of all. I think I have to talk to them before coming up with a decision.


  1. ka pink sa imong curlers. Anyway, dili ko anang kulot, wavy lang pero pag may occassion lang pod hahaha. ..was here for PF Chie.

  2. I don't know how to use that kind of curlers, whatever you decided, curly or straight,I'm sure bagay sa iyo. :)

  3. We have lots of pink curlers like that in the photo. My Mama used to be a beautician. hehe. Visiting from PF. Here is our share:

    Hope you can join us at Messy Go Round. Thanks a lot!

  4. I always think that curly is sexy hehehe.
    Pink Shoes, have a nice weekend!


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