Pink "Batch" T-Shirt

Cheep leads in my "Pink Fridays" post again. I cannot remember if I've posted this picture in here already because this picture was taken about 6 months ago. Maybe I did but I am too lazy to check my archives now. The picture is obviously a self-shot of hers. She was wearing their batch t-shirt for our school reunion last   December 2010. It was my youngest sister's first alumni homecoming experience and that year favored quite much on her side because their batch president chose pink as the color of their t-shirt. She was overjoyed when her classmate handed her the shirt then boasted it to me.


  1. This is so cute Sis! If ako, I will be overjoyed too!

    Thanks for joining. ^_^

    Mommy Rubz from

  2. Just dropping by....visit my link too.

  3. cute one...mine is here:

  4. ay ako din tuwang tuwa kapag pink shirt isusuot sa reunion heheheh!

    visiting from PF!

    here are my entries:

    hope to see you there too, thanks!

  5. cute batch-shirt... unique color din for reunion...

    My pink entries

    Justin beiber Fanatic
    Pink 3D Flower

  6. perfect fro PF..
    hi sis..ngayon lang uli ata ako nakadaan dito uli..
    visiting from PF..

    hope you could visit and follow ny new WP blog..

    thanks in advance!

  7. oi perfect sa ato meme duh! Pink kaayo. maski self-shot nice lang japon Chie or pretty lang talaga si Cheep, lol. Anyway, was here for PF Chie.

    A Woman’s Note

  8. So pink sis, she looks so pretty on it. Thanks for the visit, soweee too..quite busy everyday...I just blog..once in a while..haha

  9. I'm beginning to like Pink Shirt na rin .. Self-shot mukhang hindi heheh nice eh. See you in my PF entry.

  10. Hi Sis,
    like the pink shirt and you are cute :-) dropping for PF. I love pink that I have 3 entries this week. Please drop me a line too at

  11. pretty in pink! is she your younger sis gwaps? kamukha man gud mo, mga gwapa! :)

    I have PINK FLOWER in the NIGHTSKY courtesy of the July 4th Fireworks here in our place. See you! :)

  12. yep pretty in pink :)

  13. nice printed shirts!


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