PF: Pink Addict

There are several happenings that happened in my life lately. Most of the happenings were bad ones but I'm still lucky to have faced and experienced the bad side of life for it just made me stronger. Life goes on...

and so here is my pink!

It's Cheep again in the pictures. She's wearing all pink in the pictures except her pants. Well, what do you expect from a pink addict? This is the good thing of her neglecting her blog for I can steal her photos of her in pink and share them in this blog instead. But I do hope she'll get back into blogging once she gets time and when she gets her new lappy - if the cash in my account permits. I do want to get her a new laptop or a net book so I could rest from her bugging when she needs to do an online research for school projects. We'll pray.


  1. lovely photos..

    Visiting from PF here's mine Pink Stapler and Bracelets

  2. i know you can achieve it sis chie. ikaw pa? you are a versatile woman. hala go. nice pinks shirt and your sis is pretty.

  3. Lets take it as lesson in life nalang, shop ka nlng ng pink stuff chie hehe

  4. Beautiful in pink!!!

    And mine gwaps are these:
    Bleeding Hearts
    Hearty Fluffy Pillow
    Roses on my 28th B-day
    Thanks and I hope to see you at mine! :)

    BTW, how's your pc and cam stolen from you? Nabawi na nimo?

  5. Hello Sis,
    life is a full of challenges, glad that you survived with it, visiting from pf, hope you visit me back here if you did thank you so much.

    have a nice day,


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