Saturday, July 2, 2011

Now For That Instant Curl

Here are the results of that Strong-hold Hair Styling Spray that we applied to our hair curled in pink curlers. My little sister's hair curled beautifully and neatly. She let it flow down without combing.
While mine's a little messed up for I combed it. Still, I like the waves. I might get my hair truly curled one of these days.
Curling our hair is the first hairstyle that would come to our mine when we have to attend to special gatherings because it is easy to do. Most special school gatherings that I went to during college, I attended with a curly hair. Just recently, I personally curled my littler sister's hair for their SHRIM ball.


  1. ayay ka sexy....nice sis...kalami ani kay sister bonding...can't wait mo dako si akesh para sya na mo curl sa akong hair...lisdan man ko kulot sa ako buhok...hawoy ako siko...hahahha!

  2. Nice love ko curly hair pero hindi ko pa natry need ko pa pahabain ng bonggang bongga ang hair ko hehehe. Thanks for sharing your fave asian series :)