Join "Jes is Thirty Birthday Giveaway"!

I've just found out about Jes' Birthday Giveaway today. If I hadn't hopped on my blogger friends profiles on Facebook, I wouldn't know about it. I do not know what really is the exact date of her birthday but I would take this opportunity to greet her a happy and joyous birthday. Happy birthday to you Jes! Stay pretty and sassy as you are even at 30.

As much as I can remember, I only have simple birthdays. I didn't have a debut where a debutant wears fancy gown and receives 18 roses. But I never fret for celebrating my birthdays in a simple way for it's all we could afford. What matters is I am surrounded by people who love me every birthday. If I am to recall on the most memorable birthday I've ever had, it would be my 22nd birthday because it was the very first birthday I celebrated as a wife. I felt so complete and so full of love that day for I was surrounded by family and loved-ones. Although we celebrated that day with only few and simple dishes on the table, the happiness I've felt was immeasurable.

How about you? What's your most memorable birthday? Answer that question to enter Jes is Thirty Birthday Giveaway.



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