In Building A Business Website

I just checked the online business sites where I am associated at. Still, after a year, I still don't make good sales. Why is it so hard to levitate income through these online stuffs, or is it just me? I've been active to the sites for several months. I've promoted my product listings to several networking sites but to no avail. I am more enthusiastic on promoting fragrances and custom printed shirts. So far, there were few who bothered to purchase which made me get only few percentage from the sales. It's just too meager of an amount to receive from each product though it is me who do the bridging between the buyer and the owner. Now I wonder how it's like to create own business online.

Many of my friends in one social networking site started building pages to promote their products while some took the risk in investing on building online business sites. I think the latter idea stands out because it sounds more professional. Turning into owning an online business would be hard too, I know. There are lots of things to consider and risks to take. Putting in the investment would be biggest risk of all and next would be the random fees for the site's visibility like the domain, hosting and professional web design. Other fees would fall on the service fee for professional site developers. But before putting up a website for your business, owner should consider getting CRO. CRO or conversion rate optimization helps check who your potential clients would be and what would they look for in your website.


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