Friday, July 22, 2011

GT: My Birthday Wishes

I almost forgot it was Thursday about 2 hours ago. It was time for Girls Talk! Haist, I am quite loaded with online works that I had skipped thinking about memes. I actually still have some things left to do plus I'm tuning in You Tube for this current K-drama that had awakened my interest but I am not complaining. I even like it especially the online works.

I like posting memes on the exact date but since the linky for Girls Talk participants is still up, I still can participate although I am late for it. Today in Girls Talk, we will be talking about birthday wishes. Yay, I am turning a year older this year and this year's addition to my age makes it closer to the last date in a calendar. I fret for I am not getting any younger and I still can't come up with what really is it that I want to do in my life. I can't just forever depend on somebody. On the other hand, I am happy with the fact that I was just blessed with a year of fresh air to breath, a year of life and will be given another beginning.

My wishes for my coming birthday this year would be simple and not materialistic. First would be strength. Since I am facing a complicated situation, strength would be best to ask for so that I can strongly handle the typhoons that are currently striking in our family and in my personal life and oh, in my marriage. I wish to continue handling these hardships in a calm yet positive manner as I've been.  Of course, next to strength would be good health. That's why I say no to smoking now!Seriously.


  1. I'm sure you'd find strength from the man above. :)

    Visiting through GT. Mine's up here: My Birthday Wish, hope you could visit as well.

  2. Whatever that disturb you now, emotionally or physically, I am sure you will overcome it. GOD will always guide you sis, you just have to believe in him and keep the faith. It will soon be over. Thanks for dropping by my entry
    Anne’s Sweet Life
    SAHM’s Online Diary

  3. with whatever u are into now, hold on to that strenght, it will help u hurdle all the trouble away. besides, HE gives no burden we can't carry.

  4. keep the faith and holding on to HIM because HE is the source of our strength. go go go for quitting smoking sis. and my prayers for you to face your hardships in life with so much strength.:-)

  5. My prayers are with you :) I am sure that everything will be ok!

  6. do share how you plan to quit smoking. my husband is in the same boat, wants but can't *sigh*

    hope you get the strength you need from people you love, to surmount the challenges that come your way :)