Girls Talk: Birthday Trivia

I’ve been an inactive player in Girls Talk for two months. I was just busy with other online thing plus I had a 3-week leave. Also during that time, I focused more on updating my new blog Online Abode, which is a self-hosted blog and so far my effort had paid off beautifully for it gained a rank in just three months. That or the PR update is just messing up with me. Lol!

Since it’s a new month, Girls Talk has a new set of themes or topics. For this week, the theme is ‘birthday trivia’. The host came up with a little game. I followed the few instructions and here’s my share:

December 22 is the 356th day of the year (357th in leap years) in the Gregorian calendar. There are nine days remaining until the end of the year.
Here are some results of my search for December 22:

1986 – Dennis Armfield, Australian footballer (we have the same birth date)
1989 – Jordin Sparks, American singer (I like this singer)
1996 – Makisig Morales, Filipino child actor (he can sing too)
1998 – G. Hannelius, American child actress

Holiday and Observances:
Armed Forces Day (Vietnam)
Christian Feast Day:
  • Anastasia of Sirmium (Orthodox church)
  • Frances Xavier Cabrini
  • O Rex
  • December 22 (Eastern Orthodox liturgics)
Mother's Day (Indonesia)
Unity Day (Zimbabwe)

According to "Poke my Birthday":

My lucky days are Monday (Conceivement date, my parents decided to not to have an abortion, I was born) and Tuesday (My first cell is built, my mother suspected she was pregnant, my heart beat for the first time). I am exactly 24 years 29 weeks 20 hours 29 minutes 35 seconds old.


  1. such interesting and fun facts, sis!

  2. Wow, chic na chic ah.. so love the design of your page here sis.

    I just followed it and liked it on FB. I have the same buttons at my page, hope you can visit some time and do the same. Thanks ahead!

    Btw, my GT's entry is up here:

  3. such a great list, di ba si Jordin Sparks was AI winner?

  4. kabirthday mo pala si makisig cute niya nung bata pa. hehhee

  5. it is cool to know that you are sharing birthdays with cool people, right :D
    here's my entry, happy GT!

  6. i like jordin sparks :D
    stopping by from GT, here is my entry :)

  7. buti ka pa may local artist na kabirthday. wala ako e. huhu.

    welcome back to GT! hope to see you again next Thursday!

  8. Same Date with Jordin Sparks.. Both of you beautiful.. 2 common facts.. ^_^
    I love your chic lay out here.. the colors is so awesome..

    Happy GT.. Late posting and visiting..mine is up here

    I am your newest follower here.. yey!.. hope you can follow me too.. Thanks a lot..mwuah


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